Monday, April 28, 2014

Enjoy a game at Cyan cafe & lounge

The buzz is high among fans with upcoming playoffs. This is the turning point of the season for all sports. This is the moment sports fan around the globe wait for. Actions are plenty whenever the TV set is on. No one wants to miss a game. The enjoyment gets higher when friends are around. But to ensure fun, there are some mandatory things. You would love to sit with your friends at a place where you can sit with comfort and get some exotic refreshments as well as some fun tools. Cyan cafe and lounge is promising a state-of-the-art lounge, which is the most elegant in ON.

The Cyan lounge is a beautiful place soothing to the eyes. Once you get in you will find yourself in the comfort of relaxing sofas. The set up is conveniently done making sure whatever the position you hold, the screen will be seen without changing your sitting angle. Absolutely the guys there did a great job ensuring beautification and relaxation at the same time. Watching Raptors vs. Nets live couldn’t have been more exciting without being at the Cyan atmosphere.

Snacks, foods, and drinks could be indulging during a game and no one wants to cheer for their favorite team on an empty stomach. In Cyan cafe & lounge exotic menus would be found. Try hamburgers if you are more on regulars. But not trying fine Middle Eastern shish kebab and chicken kebab would definitely be a miss.  Taste the shish kebab and you may get lost in the world of delish. You will keep trying the other menus afterwards for sure. Just talk to someone who has been to Cyan cafe and lounge and the praise of foods would be filling your ears for sure! That’s the power of this place. Once you go in, you don’t want to leave soon. There are more to go in the menu. Varieties of Middle Eastern salads with delightful dressing and topping have had unique taste. Be bewitched in the middle of a game when the tensions are running high and find some relief with the salads. Check the recipes and decide what may suit your taste or choice.

Hot and cold—no matter what you prefer to have the list is long—drinks are available in Cyan. This Richmond Hill lounge is decorated with drinks suitable for all. Not a problem if you are a non-alcoholic. Choose from coffees and cold drinks. Vice-versa if you are willing to have something hard to feel the heat and have some REAL fun. Alcoholic drinks, wines, are available as well.

By now, you might be wondering when it would be possible for you to visit this marvelous place. I tell you what: hold on for few more minutes, because I have not been into the primary attraction of Cyan cafe and lounge yet. In Richmond Hill hookah places are not so common, and even if you found one there always would be the question whether it offers everything in a single shisha lounge. The owner of this Richmond Hill hookah lounge, Cyan cafe & lounge, thought of it and got himself determined to do something better. As per as thinking he implemented the ideas to make a great lounge for smoking shisha in Richmond Hill; fortunately enough, it did not remain as a hookah place only. Different people are seen in the lounge enjoying their meal, or smoking an exotic Arabian hookah. By the grace of Cyan cafe & lounge today it is possible to have shisha in Richmond Hill near home.

Hookah/shisha of different flavor from different Middle Eastern countries is not an untouched dream when you are in a Richmond Hill hookah place such as Cyan cafe & lounge. Feel the warmth of home there and smoke your favorite flavor within affordable price range. Having been offered the best hookah in this Richmond Hill shisha lounge you wouldn’t have to worry about the pricing. Depending on the flavor and type of shisha the price of hookahs found in this Richmond Hill lounge may vary, but of course, in contrast to other similar places they are not expensive. There is no room for surprise why this Richmond Hill hookah cafe is being preferred in the first place by all. 

Saturday, April 26, 2014


CYAN Cafe & Lounge 

9737 Yonge street, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
Phone: 289-800-8928

Cyan cafe has come as a surprise for the hookah lovers in Richmond Hill. Hookah enthusiastic around the town were looking for a suitable place where they can gather up with friends and taste exotic foods while submerging in the world of top class shisha. Now someone doesn’t need to visit far away from home to taste Syrian or Arabian hookah. The place is just a few steps from home. Getting lost in the world of hookah is not just a dream anymore. Thanks to Cyan cafe for making it happen especially in Richmond Hill where shisha lounges are not plenty.

In Cyan cafe, hookah of different flavour would be found. Those flavours are made of real, fresh ingredient. Once a puff is taken that would be hard to resist the temptation to keep puffing. Cyan cafe & lounge is a hookah place in the first place, so, it has been ensured that no flavour or type of hookah is missed. Quality shishas from the Middle East are available here. There is always the opportunity to make one’s own hookah. That means someone can create a fusion of different types or flavours. In Cyan you can taste different hookahs, and you may keep the streak. If one doesn’t taste good, simply skip to the next one; and for sure you will be getting something that would not fade away from your memory so soon. Exactly for this reason Cyan cafe & lounge has already gained positive feedbacks from shisha lovers.

Spacious but artistic lounge may be desired by anyone but, what happens when the place you are entering has had facilities like lucrative foods, drinks, and moreover all the facilities of communication and entertainment. It might sound incredible at first, but at Cyan cafe & lounge expecting these would not be unfair. Burgers, meatloaf, hotdog, or lucrative kebabs will be found at the lounge leaving the way open to have a meal lest one doesn’t indulge to be in puffing. Quality music, live sports, and Wi-Fi are the need of time and in the lounge each of these are available. The lounge is a great place for celebrating any event too. No matter whether it is an anniversary party or birthday, this place is a jewel for celebration. You may invite all your friends and have a great party to get rid of monotonous life. Some says souls are revived here at Cyan cafe & lounge every day.

 The timing is perfect for people who are willing to have hookah after a long, long day at office. However, people from all strata of life are regular at Cyan. Here you will see artist, as well as mad scientist trying to fuel up brain cells with calming shisha puff. Don’t be surprised if the staffs are determined to make you feel at home among a crowd. This is what makes Cyan lounge and cafe more than ordinary. Wanting to find cordiality, relax, and fun under the same roof? Then this place is a must go for you.  

Mon-Thu: 17:00 - 01:00
Fri-Sat: 17:00 - 02:00

Sun: 14:00 - 01:00