Thursday, October 23, 2014

Shisha Destination

Shisha Destination

One of greatest invention in the human civilization is the shisha. There is nothing comparable with the puffing of shisha. If the shisha is prepared in the right way and it is consumed in a nice atmosphere, the experience will be mind-blowing. There are lots of people in this world who do not like shisha. But to the shisha fans, it is a great option for relieving himself or herself from the stress of the world.

Cyan cafe and lounge is one of the best shisha lounges in Ontario. The cafe is full of different kinds of flavors with the amazing aroma. This is such type of lounge for which a shisha lover dreams for. The lounge is designed and organized in such a way that when you enter inside this you will get the urge to have a puff from the shisha.

The shisha lovers can have a memorable shisha session inside this cafe. Beside the regular head, there is option for the orange head shisha that is something different. The preparation process of the orange head shisha is quite different from the regular head. The taste also differs from the regular head. People love to try out the orange head shisha for the difference in the taste. Though the orange head is little bit pricier than the regular head but the shisha lovers never hesitate to try the differences.

The variety of the flavors available in Cyan cafe and lounge is quite amazing for the shisha lovers. Lemon mint, grape mint, gum mint, watermelon mint creates sensational feelings among the shisha lovers. In Cyan cafe there is something special, this is called Cyan special. This is not available in the regular head. Cyan special is only available in the orange head.

There are something special attractions for the shisha fans. The shisha fans can try the unparalleled shisha experience with Red Bull or milk. That is something totally different from the regular flavors. While milk is used the smoke of the shisha becomes thick and the shisha session becomes more enjoyable and exciting. Those who love to avoid the regular and usual way of the shisha experience; these are the must triable options.

Another mentionable feature of Cyan cafe is the availability of the ice hose. When the smoke passes through the hose, it becomes cooler than the usual smoke. The smoke of this type of shisha cools down the throat of the shisha fans. In this case, the smoke becomes thicker than the usual ones. The icy touch of the thick smoke increases the pleasure feelings dramatically.

Do you want to have a remarkable and a sensational shisha session? Then just withdraw yourself from the worldly mundane matters and have a seat inside Cyan cafe and lounge. Pick out your favorable flavor and give a puff in a relaxed approach. Just feel the excitement while puffing the shisha. This will be undoubtedly a unique experience for the shisha lovers. To me, this is the best place for having some unforgettable moments with shisha.

Kebab Museum!!

Yes, it is indeed a kebab museum. I am talking about the trendy Cyan cafe and lounge. The cafe is overloaded with lots of kebab and salad items. It is the perfect place for having the Middle Eastern flavor in Ontario. It is not easy to fly to Middle East in a regular basis but the iconic kebab items are now available in Cyan cafe. This is indeed a never miss opportunity for the foodies.

Why I am calling it the kebab museum? For having the appropriate answer, one has to come inside the cafe. The wonderfully designed cafe offers different types of kebab. The hustle and bustle of Cyan cafe is the proof of its ever increasing popularity among the people. The demand for the kebabs is skyrocketing day by day.

Beef tekka, chicken tekka, grilled liver, beef kebab etc. are some of the regular attractions of the cafe. People also try the beef or chicken schnitzel, veal cordon bleu frequently. Strings of words are not enough to explain the taste of the cuisines. It is difficult to describe the taste of the perfectly grilled meat to someone who never comes to Cyan. The smell of the kebab stimulates the hunger significantly.

The best part about the Middle Eastern cuisine is the grilling process. Though most of the time, the Middle Eastern people prefer to have the meat items, the cooking method is conductive to health. The meat is heated in such a way that the fat part of the meat melts down considerably. The less the fat, the healthier it becomes. This is a good reason for the madness for Middle Eastern food.

Among the multiple choices of kebabs, I am a big fan of the beef kebab. Two skewers of big sized kebab with plenty of rice and salad increases my temptation for the food. The kebab gives a magical feeling inside the mouth. The tenderness of the meat with fresh salads is a must try dish. The kebab is also enjoyable with the rice.

Cyan cafe and lounge is like a kebab museum to me. Because of the numerous varieties of kebabs under the same roof the place is getting popular day by the day to the mass people. Another mesmerizing attraction of this cafe is the delightful salads. There is arrangement of different kinds of salads with the kebabs.

The kebab and the salad item get a magical taste when it is tasted with the Cyan special sauce. The sauce is something unique and I have never tasted anything like that before.

The cafe is really a good place for having some quality food. Beside the kebabs, the menu of the cafe is rich in different kinds of Middle Eastern appetizers, salads and drinks. This is wonderful. This is a must try place for the people who loves Middle Eastern food. The Perfectly grilled meat with wonderful presentation is enough to make a day. The unique style in presentation and the welcoming atmosphere of Cyan cafe is praiseworthy. 

All in One

Cyan cafe and lounge is a new name in my eatery list. The cafe is situated in the heart of the Richmond Hill with lots of attractions. My first experience with the cafe is pleasing and I am quite pleased with the food of the cafe.

The cafe is stunningly decorated with the greenish blue color in the inside. Though there is no outdoor seating arrangement but the indoor is large enough to accommodate a large number of customers at a time. I found a good place to park my bike. The owner of the cafe tried best to decorate the inside with the name. The peaceful ambience of the cafe assures the customers for a wonderful experience.

The most attractive part of the Cyan cafe is the collection of the kebab items. I was stunned while I was surfing the menu for the first time. For the kebab lovers, this is certainly the number one choice. I have never seen such a variety of kebab options in any other places. The menu is enough to satisfy the kebab lovers.

Beside the kebab options, there are lots of options for fresh vegetable salads, cold drinks, tea, coffee etc. The list of the appetizers, main dish, desserts and drinks are mind blowing. There is another attraction in Cyan cafe- shisha. This is so far the best place in Richmond Hill for an exciting shisha experience. I enjoyed a lot while I was puffing shisha in Cyan cafe.

The cozy shisha lounge with the comfortable sofas pacifies the minds of the shisha lovers. The live telecast of different sports in the screens is another unique style of this cafe. The shisha lovers can enjoy the live matches with the pipe in the hand. Watching the matches live and having the puff from the shisha is certainly a golden opportunity. The feeling is just marvelous. it is far better than watching the matches alone in the living room. The crowd in the smoke creates different kind of sensation among the shisha lovers.

The cafe remains jam packed during the weekends. The place is a perfect one for having meal with groups. All kinds of facilities are available in Cyan cafe for a wonderful time. No one needs to wait for the cuisines too long in this cafe. The waiters are prompt and friendly. The service I got from Cyan cafe was praiseworthy. It was quick and up to the mark.

At last, we get a cafe full of everything. I was looking for such a place for a long time. But most of the cafes in Richmond Hill lack something. But Cyan cafe and lounge overcomes the bottleneck. Shisha facility with varieties of Middle Eastern cuisines and mentionable bottle service is a perfect arrangement for the foodies. Now everything is available under the same roof.

I don’t know why but the cafe suits with my demand perfectly. The serene beauty of the cafe gives me relief from the monotony of the daily life. 

Revival with Hookah

After a long day of work, we need some time just for ourselves. To bypass the monotony of the daily life we always keep searching for something interesting, something stimulating. We all are aware about the wise saying that ‘All play and no work makes Jack a dull boy’. This is really true. Everybody needs some kind of refreshment to revive his or her soul for the next day.

A session with hookah and friends in a great place is always a golden opportunity for me to overcome the official stress. Whenever I get time, I try to have a good hookah session with my dear ones. I have visited many hookah lounges in my area. Among the lounges, Cyan cafe and lounge is in the top position of my list. For the last few times, I am visiting this lounge for enjoying the wonderful hookah session.

I feel some kind of attachment with this cafe. This is indeed a great place to hang out with friends and have a relaxing hookah session. The spacious lounge of the cafe with its charming interior is appealing. There are good numbers of sitting arrangements for the hookah lovers. Most of the time, I prefer to have my sit in the comfortable sofa and take a puff. Life seems to be easy and beautiful while I am in the hookah session.

The rich collection of the hookah flavors and the beverages is enough for the usual gathering inside Cyan cafe. The availability of all kinds of drinks with lots of multinational cuisines attracts the customers in a large number in this cafe. The unique presentation of the hookah with its interesting flavors makes the session pleasing.

The smoke from the multi flavored hookah and the relaxing atmosphere of Cyan cafe brings lots of fun for us. The hookah session works as a kind of social gathering for all of us. Due to the hectic schedule of work, we sit together in this cafe and enjoy our moments to the fullest. We chat, laugh, and shout – it is something more than the enjoyment.

The best part of the hookah session is the relaxation of mind. Sometimes we just sit comfortably without any kind of anxiety or tension. Then we have the puff from the hookah and release the entire worldly problem from our mind. A good hookah lounge helps in relieving from stress.

Cyan cafe and lounge becomes a platform for our friend circles. During the weekend we never forget to have a social gathering inside the comfortable ambience of this cafe and spend some quality time. This is not gives us pleasure but also boosts our mental strength in a different height. We become mentally energize after lots of smoking and gossiping in this cafe.

I love the lounge from the core of my heart. I have enjoyed some of my best moments during the hookah session in this cafe. A puff of hookah with the company of familiar faces gives me some positive energy to face the upcoming life events. That’s really great. 

Shrimp Skewers in Cyan

The cafe is a renowned place among the foodies. Delicious food, timely service and reasonable price – are the reasons behind the popularity. This is really a good place to have some quality food in a relaxing environment.

I love to eat shrimp. Whenever I get the chance to try any shrimp item, I never miss that. When I am in Cyan cafe, I always try the shrimp item. The perfection of the dry spice shrimp skewers are mind blowing. This is one of the must try dishes of Cyan cafe and lounge.

One have to admit the fact that the enormous size of the tiger shrimp is attention seeking. Every time I am surprised by the size of the shrimp. It’s big and good to look at. The main factor behind the mouthwatering taste of the item is the different cooking method. I think the preparation of the item is somehow different with other cafes.

Another great aspect of the item is the use of some exclusive ingredients like special spice and sauce of Cyan. The coating of the tiger shrimp with the signature spices before grilling makes the item more appealing. The aroma of the spice shoots up the flavor of the shrimp greatly. When the shrimp is presented with the Cyan signature sauce, the experience is just mind blowing. The taste of the perfectly grilled shrimp with the exclusive sauce is difficult to describe in words.

The crunchiness of the shrimp is a special experience for the food lovers for sure. It is pretty good to taste. Beside the wonderful preparation, the elegant presentation of the dish is another factor for my affection to Cyan cafe and lounge. The presentation style of the cafe is mention worthy. The shrimps are beautifully arranged in the plate. The color of the grilled shrimps is very lucrative.

The thing I like most about Cyan cafe and lounge is the reasonable price of the foods. There are lots of cafes in the neighborhood which offer different kinds of international cuisines with exorbitant price tag. Though the cuisines are international but the price seems to be unreasonable. Sometimes there is a great mismatch between the price and the quality of the food. But Cyan cafe and lounge is absolutely in different footing in pricing the food items.

The prices of the international cuisines in this cafe are not too much. The price resembles greatly with the quality food and the wonderful preparation. This is a win-win situation for both the customer and the owner of the cafe. By providing world class food in a decent price tag, the cafe is gaining a permanent place in the heart of the food lovers. This is really praiseworthy.

For having an experience full of satisfaction, I pick the name Cyan without a second thought. This is one of the perfect places in Ontario for having great experience with some Middle Eastern cuisines. The cafe is going to be a hub for the food lovers in the near future for sure.

It is Calamari!!

The word calamari seems to be weird to some people. It is not a rare case to find people who never heard this word in their lifetime. The word calamari can be new to some of us. It is nothing but the squid!! In Middle Eastern countries, they prefer to use the word calamari instead of the squid. People tend to love the word calamari instead of squid.

Initially I was in a doubt about the menu and its ingredients. Later I was startled by knowing that it is nothing but the squid. This was the first time in my life I met with the famous calamari in Cyan cafe and lounge. While I was thinking about what to order as appetizer, I found a long list of Middle Eastern cuisines. Before coming to Cyan cafe, one of my friendstold me about the availability of Middle Eastern foods here. When the server assured me that calamari is nothing but the squid then I made my decision.

The golden brown colored item was look worthy. The delicious looking item was served with the sauce. I was amused to know that calamari was going to be served with the famous Cyan sauce. I heard a lot of positive feedbacks about this signature Cyan sauce. When calamari was arrived in my table with the sauce, I was ready to taste the item.

The taste of calamari is matchless. It cannot be compared with fish or other sea food items or chicken. This is something totally different. The texture of the food is exceptional. I have never tasted something like that before. It is chewy. But it is astonishingly delicious. The sauce boosts the taste of the item in a different height.

Calamari accompanied with the signature Cyan sauce was a wonderful dish certainly. Especially I loved the crispy texture of the item. Though this was made from squid but the item looked something else. I was trying to find out similar to the taste of the food. To me, the taste resembles something nearer to shrimp. With the slight flavor of shrimp but different texture, it was one of the marvelous appetizers I ever had.

Some people argue about the taste of the calamari. Sometimes people complain that calamari is fishy. This is not true at all. This is the item where I found the level of fishiness in the lowest. Moreover the richness in the taste of calamari depends on the method of cooking. The calamari I tasted in Cyan was perfectly cooked. I had not experience the slightest fishy flavor in the item. Though it was seafood but the absence of the fishy flavor was wonderful.  

Lots of skills and cautions are required to prepare a dish like calamari. The calamari which was presented to me was really a wonderful one. I have to admit that the cooking method of Cyan cafe was flawless in preparing the dish. At the end of the meal, I was quite pleased to taste the squid with a different name. 

The Elegant Cyan Cafe

Have not you heard the name of Cyan cafe and lounge? If the answer is negative then you have missed something for sure. There are innumerable eateries in Richmond Hill. But the name of Cyan cafe brings distinct feelings among the foodies.

The uniqueness of the cafe is the accessibility to the Middle Eastern foods. This is really great for the food lovers. The menu of the cafe is full of kebabs, salads, desserts, beverages etc. If you have not taken the sit inside this cafe then you missed the richness of the quality food. 

The inside of the cafe resembles greatly with its name. The greenish blue color of the cafe suits perfectly with the name. The color is eye soothing. It gives some kind of warmness to the customers. The sitting arrangement of the cafe is very comfortable. Lots of spaces are available for the food lovers. Special sitting arrangement for the VIPs is a unique feature of Cyan cafe. The space for the VIPs is well furnished and equipped with all the necessaries. That is picture perfect place for having the crucial business deals or meetings.

For the sports lovers, it is a must try place. There are big screen for watching different sports. The sports lovers frequently visit the cafe to watch the live matches. During the recent football world cup, Cyan cafe became one of the most demanding places in Richmond Hill. Thousands of fans gathered in the cafe and enjoyed the nail biting moments of the world cup matches. The live telecast of the matches is an added advantage for the customers.

Varieties of cuisines are available in this cafe. To have the Middle Eastern flavor, one should try this cafe at least once. The kebab option of this cafe is totally unique in the area. The taste of the kebabs with salads is awesome. The cafe draws the attention of the kebab lovers by its wonderful kebab preparation. Not only the taste but also the outlook of the food is different than any other cafes.

Beside the kebabs, this is a wonderful spot for having a quality hookah session. Most of the frequent visitors of this cafe are the hookah fans. The cafe offers a wide range of hookah flavors. Hookah lovers pass relaxing moments in this cafe. During the live telecast of matches, the demand of hookah soars. This is a great place for having hookah and shout for one’s favorite team.

The service of the cafe is outstanding. No one needs to wait for a long time for the waiter in this cafe. The waiters are helpful and very cooperative. Another distinctive characteristic of this cafe is the timing. They do not take a lot of time for the preparation of the food. In many places, people become bored because of waiting for a long time for the food. This is the border line between other cafes and Cyan cafe. The time gap between the order and arrival of the food is remarkably low in this cafe. What can be better than that?

Thumbs up for Cyan.