Thursday, October 23, 2014

Yummy Cyan Signature Burger

Cyan cafe the hotspot for Middle Eastern food is getting a permanent place in the heart of the foodies. The availability of the nonnative food is the primary cause behind the skyrocketing popularity. They are successful in creating a buzz among the food lovers. When one gets inside the cafe, the smell of the food tinkles the hungry stomach for sure.

I am a repeat customer of Cyan cafe and lounge. I am a meat lover and there are plenty of cuisines in Cyan where meat is the core ingredient. Especially the kebabs, burgers, schnitzel etc. are the cuisines for which I can bait anything. Last time, when I was in Cyan cafe and lounge I tried the cyan signature burger. So far, this is one of the best burger experiences I have ever had in North America. I am a hiker by passion so I move from one place to another frequently. So I have vast experiences related to burger. But the cyan signature burger is something quite unique in taste. It is hard to describe in words to the people who never tries it.

The specialty of the signature burger is the combined effect of the Mediterranean and the North American cuisine. The blending of flavors from these two parts of the world is the salient feature of this iconic burger. I got the smooth taste of ground beef with the combination of hummus and taboula. Hummus, taboula are the popular dishes of the Middle East which are getting the ever increasing attention of the food lovers of other parts of the world day by day.

In many places, taboula is eaten as salad because of the ingredients like parsley, mint, and tomato etc. Hummus is the world famous dip which is prepared from pulped chickpeas. No one can imagine the combo taste of ground beef with hummus and taboula only by reading few lines. It is something to discover by one’s own tongue. Some other ingredients those complement this cuisine are the tomato, onion and sumac spice. The fusion of such varieties of ingredients makes the burger worthy of tasting.

The size of the burger is also something which needed to be mentioned. It is huge and lucrative. The ingredients are sufficient enough tickle the hungry stomach. The outlook of the burger is so appealing for the meat fans like I. At the bottom the layer of the ground meat is given, the next layer is the mixture of hummus and taboula and then the topping of the onion, tomato is given. The fries with the burger intensify the taste to the peak. 


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