Thursday, October 23, 2014

Veal Cordon Bleu

Cyan cafe and lounge is a hotspot for yummy food and beverages. The place is attracting the foodies in a large scale. The availability of the offshore cuisines with the real taste boosts the demand of this place day by day. So far I have visited the cafe four times and I am quite satisfied with the warmness of the cafe.

The list of the main dishes in the cafe is quite amazing. The names of the international cuisine create a different kind of temptation inside the tummy. The abundance of the kebabs are worthy of mention. The place is rich in meat items. Beside the meat preparations, they have plenty of options of salad for the vegetarians.

Every time I have tried a new dish in Cyan cafe. In the previous weekend, I enjoyed a lot with my buddies in this cafe. This time I picked the veal cordon bleu as my main dish. Still I can feel the tenderness of the meat in my mouth. That is one of the best preparation of Cyan cafe and lounge undoubtedly.

Veal cordon bleu is a popular dish. The preparation of this dish requires lots of attention and skill. Especially the taste of the dish depends on the tenderness of the veal. The chef of Cyan cafe and lounge proved successful in pounding the veal in the best form. The veal was so well grinded that it melted inside my mouth smoothly. The wrapping of the veal with the cheese made it something really special. The pounded veal with the cheese is the main ingredients of this mesmerizing dish. I just love the combo of meat with the cheese.

The fried bread with the veal inside is taste worthy. In Cyan cafe and lounge the dish was served with plenty of salads and fries. The freshness and the aroma of the vegetables make the dish more appetizing. One thing I have to praise that is the availability of fresh vegetable salad in this cafe. I have never missed the golden opportunity to try the fresh vegetable salads here. The salad makes the meat items more edible.

Veal cordon bleu is a taste worthy dish for the foodies. I was not a fan of this dish prior to coming to Cyan cafe. After having the delicious bites in this cafe, I become a lover of this dish. The taste of the fried bread with tender meat blended with cheese is different. 


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