Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tiramisu: The Italian Dessert

The meaning of the word Tiramisuis ‘pick me up’ and the meaning is a perfect match. After finishing the dinner, an appetizer like Tiramisu will be the impeccable finishing touch. The country of origin of the world famous dessert is Italy. I got the taste of this dish in a cafe in Richmond Hill - the Cyan cafe and lounge.

The cafe is popular among the food lovers for its Middle Eastern dishes. The shisha fans also throng there for enjoying the varieties of shisha flavors. When I was there for the first time, I chose the grilled beef kebab. Still I could remember the tenderness of the meat and the perfection of the flavor. After having the main course, I picked the Italian dessert Tiramisu. I was looking for something light because my tummy was full with the kebab. 

Tiramisu tastes lighter than the pudding. The soft layer of this cuisine makes the cuisine easy to melt inside the mouth. The main ingredients for the preparation of tiramisu are ladyfingers, mascarpone cheese, egg, sugar, cocoa flavor etc. The flavor of coffee inside the ladyfingers is delicious. The coffee soaked ladyfingers are so tender that it melts within few seconds. The layers of the Tiramisu are filled up with mascarpone cheese, egg, sugar etc. A layer of the cocoa flavor is found on the upper portion of the cuisine.

This Italian dessert is not only delicious but also eye catching too. It is available in different kinds of shapes such as pie shaped, rectangular shaped, triangular shaped etc. Strawberries are used as a supplementary flavor with Tiramisu. The brownish color of the dessert attracts the food lovers. Ladyfinger is used in the preparation of the baby food because of the tenderness. They love the taste of the ladyfinger. That’s why the kids like to have the taste of Tiramisu too.

I am a coffee lover. The smell of the roasted coffee bean stimulates me. When the flavor of the coffee bean founds inside the Tiramisu, I become so happy. The cocoa layered ladyfinger is wonderful after a heavy meal.

In Cyan cafe and lounge, there are other desserts such as baklava, creme caramel, ice cream etc. But most of the time, I never hesitate to pick up this awesome dessert. After having the grilled chicken or beef kebab, the coffee flavored dessert creates a sensational feeling inside the mouth. 

The timely service of this cafe is praiseworthy. The waiters are keen to provide the quality service to the customers and response without any delay. Another mind blowing factor for my frequent visit in this cafe is the cleanliness. Cyan cafe is a popular place in Richmond Hill, so the presence of a large number of customers is obvious. But they never compromise with the quality of the food and service. The tables are neat and clean. The hygienic atmosphere of the cafe is a good reason for the food lovers to come to this place. The uniqueness in the food, greatness in the flavor and the praiseworthy service make this cafe a perfect one. 


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