Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tilapia is not so bad!!

Whenever I keep my eyes on the menu in a restaurant, my subconscious mind starts searching for meat cuisines. I am not a hater of fish cuisines. But my tummy does not want fish frequently. So most of times, I land my choice on the meat cuisines.

Prior coming to the Cyan cafe and lounge, I was totally unaware about the place. I was just looking for a new place to have my dinner so I got inside the cafe. The cafe was spacious with lots of chairs and sofas to sit. I took my seat in a corner of the cafe and started looking for something to eat. There were lots of kebabs for the meat-lovers and salads for the vegans. But at that day, I was not in a mood for having the meat. So I was searching something other than the meat. Then I notified the cuisine of the fish and decided to give it a try. It was the fillet of fried breaded Tilapia fish.

As a fish, tilapia is not a popular one with the foodies. But the health benefit of this fish cannot be overlooked. But the tilapia fillet I had tasted in cyan cafe was toothsome. It was perfectly mixed with the spices and tasted really good. The spices used in the preparation of the dish were the specially made by the cafe. The fish fillet was rubbed with the spices. Then the fillet was breaded.

I have to admit that the breaded fish was perfectly fried. When the cuisine is eaten with the salad, the taste is marvelous. In Cyan cafe there is an option for taking either rice or fries with the fish. I chose fries with the fish fillet. The crunchy fish with the salad was a great combo. The taste of the fried fish with the fresh salads was amazing.

I felt a feeling of satisfaction inside me after finishing the meal. Tilapia was not a bad choice at all. The flavor of the fish was enhanced dramatically. The special spices worked as the taste enhancer. The chef showed his excellence in preparing the cuisine.

Cyan cafe and lounge makes a striking change in the typical flavor of tilapia. Most of the people do not like the fish so much. But the fish preparation gets a new dimension in this cafe. I became a fan of this wonderful fish preparation.

My sudden and unplanned encounter with the plate of fried breaded fish was a mentionable experience. No one can deny the nutrition facts of the tilapia fish. Because the fish is the store house of omega 3 fatty acid and other vitamins which prevent the chance of cardiovascular diseases in a great way. If the fish can be prepared in such a delicious way, no one will miss the cuisine not only for the taste but also for keeping the body fit.

Still those who are in doubt about the cuisine, just try the menu for once. It will not be a wrong decision for sure. 


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