Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Taste of Greek Salad

I love dishes full of vegetables. The variety of colors is so good looking and appealing to me. After eating vegetables, my body becomes energize for the rest of the day. So whenever I visit a new restaurant, I try to taste their menus which are mostly combined of vegetables.

I have been to the Cyan cafe and lounge for several times. There are lots of international cuisines. The interesting part is the availability of the Middle Eastern food in this cafe. There a good number of options not only for the meat lovers but also for the vegetarians.

I am not a vegetarian. But somehow I prefer vegetables than the meat. Last time when I was in Cyan, I decided to taste their salad items. There are lots of options in the salad category. After reading the ingredients of the individual salad items, I decided to go for the Greek salad. The name of the ingredients somehow invited me to put a tick mark beside that.

It did not take a lot of time for the preparation of the salad. When the waiter approached towards my table, I was really happy by watching the color combination. The salad was colorful. I could not identify all the vegetables inside this menu but I had identified most of those. The presence of the red tomatoes, green cucumbers, and red onions were easily identifiable. There were some other items too. So far, I could remember there were Kalamata olives, bell peppers too. The salad was mingled with the feta cheese. As a whole, the salad was beautiful to look at and the color combination was great. Not only the external beauty but also the taste of the salad was worthy of mention.

The Greek salad I ate in the Cyan cafe was amazing.  Especially the taste of tomato with the cucumber was unforgettable. The vegetables were amazingly fresh. When I was having the salad, I smelt the individual ingredients of the salad. It was a feeling like I was in the side of the vegetable garden. And the salad was prepared after the vegetables were picked up few minutes before. That was remarkable. The kalamata olive, feta and the green bell pepper increased the appeal of the salad in a dramatic way.  

Usually when we eat the meat dominated foods, we feel some kind of lethargic feeling inside us. But the feeling is different in case of vegetable dominated foods. For example, after finishing the salad, I got a refreshing feeling in my body. This is the best effect of eating vegetables. A bowl of Greek salad is perfectly enough to keep your body fit for the rest of the day. No one can deny the huge benefit of having such type of salad item. Most of the ingredients used in preparing the salad contain lots vitamins and minerals. The food value of salad is astronomical. I was quite satisfied with the Greek salad which I ate in the Cyan cafĂ© and lounge. It was really a good option both for the vegetarians or non vegetarians. 


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