Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Elegant Cyan Cafe

Have not you heard the name of Cyan cafe and lounge? If the answer is negative then you have missed something for sure. There are innumerable eateries in Richmond Hill. But the name of Cyan cafe brings distinct feelings among the foodies.

The uniqueness of the cafe is the accessibility to the Middle Eastern foods. This is really great for the food lovers. The menu of the cafe is full of kebabs, salads, desserts, beverages etc. If you have not taken the sit inside this cafe then you missed the richness of the quality food. 

The inside of the cafe resembles greatly with its name. The greenish blue color of the cafe suits perfectly with the name. The color is eye soothing. It gives some kind of warmness to the customers. The sitting arrangement of the cafe is very comfortable. Lots of spaces are available for the food lovers. Special sitting arrangement for the VIPs is a unique feature of Cyan cafe. The space for the VIPs is well furnished and equipped with all the necessaries. That is picture perfect place for having the crucial business deals or meetings.

For the sports lovers, it is a must try place. There are big screen for watching different sports. The sports lovers frequently visit the cafe to watch the live matches. During the recent football world cup, Cyan cafe became one of the most demanding places in Richmond Hill. Thousands of fans gathered in the cafe and enjoyed the nail biting moments of the world cup matches. The live telecast of the matches is an added advantage for the customers.

Varieties of cuisines are available in this cafe. To have the Middle Eastern flavor, one should try this cafe at least once. The kebab option of this cafe is totally unique in the area. The taste of the kebabs with salads is awesome. The cafe draws the attention of the kebab lovers by its wonderful kebab preparation. Not only the taste but also the outlook of the food is different than any other cafes.

Beside the kebabs, this is a wonderful spot for having a quality hookah session. Most of the frequent visitors of this cafe are the hookah fans. The cafe offers a wide range of hookah flavors. Hookah lovers pass relaxing moments in this cafe. During the live telecast of matches, the demand of hookah soars. This is a great place for having hookah and shout for one’s favorite team.

The service of the cafe is outstanding. No one needs to wait for a long time for the waiter in this cafe. The waiters are helpful and very cooperative. Another distinctive characteristic of this cafe is the timing. They do not take a lot of time for the preparation of the food. In many places, people become bored because of waiting for a long time for the food. This is the border line between other cafes and Cyan cafe. The time gap between the order and arrival of the food is remarkably low in this cafe. What can be better than that?

Thumbs up for Cyan.


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