Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Advantage of the Middle Eastern Food

Middle East is always draws the attention of the people of the other parts of the world. The place is situated in an attractive zone. Asia, Africa and Europe have a connection with this area. So it is not astonishing to have the flavor of these areas in the foods of Middle East. The area is situated by the side of the ocean. Hence the abundance of fish cuisines is seen in the Middle Eastern menu. 

If anyone scrutinize the menu of a Middle Eastern cafe, he can see the presence of fresh vegetable salad, fresh fish from the ocean, fruits from the orchard, lamb meat etc. Though there are plenty of menus with meats but the style of cooking is different and healthy. 

The use of olive oil is another unique side of the Middle Eastern food. The moderate use of olive oil in the preparation of the food makes the cuisines of this region conductive to the health. Most of the oil which is used for cooking contains higher level of cholesterol than the olive oil. Moreover the use of saturated fat can never bring any benefit to the health. In other parts of the world, the use of cheese, fat is common to make the food tastier. Olive oil has diverse impact regarding the health issue. In most of the Middle Eastern cuisines, the moderate use of this type of oil is found.

The cuisines of this particular region are helpful to prevent heart diseases. The risk of coronary diseases can be reduced hugely by the use of unsaturated fat like olive oil. Beside the olive oil, there are lots of vegetable salads are seen in the menu. Most of the common items in the salad are red tomato, green cucumber, different colored bell pepper, onion, mint etc. All of these vegetables are the store house of the nutrient element.

Middle East is situated by the side of the Mediterranean Sea. So the fish recipes are quite common in their menu. The fish with lots of vegetables is a great combo certainly. Beside the fish item, they have famous world famous kebab items. This is the birth place of this mouthwatering dish. The number of variety in kebab is astonishing. People here love this food greatly. The kebabs are either grilled or baked on a skewer. The foreigners always love to taste the amazing kebabs while they are in Middle East. Lots of ingredients can be used in making kebab and the style of presentation is diverse. When the kebabs are perfectly grilled, the absence of fat is visible and tasted. Well baked kebabs with vegetables are a tasty and healthy food for sure. It will be better not to use sauce in the kebabs.

Overall we can see that the Middle Eastern foods are both healthy and lucrative. The quality products, different style of preparation and the unique presentation are the characteristics of this area. The health benefit of these foods is unbelievable. The diversity in the taste with the health benefit is surely a reason for the food lovers to try these foods.

In GTA, the Cyan cafe and lounge is a reliable name in preparing the Middle Eastern cuisines and the taste of the food is overwhelming. It is the place where I was introduced with these types of food for the first time. 


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