Thursday, October 23, 2014

Shrimp Skewers in Cyan

The cafe is a renowned place among the foodies. Delicious food, timely service and reasonable price – are the reasons behind the popularity. This is really a good place to have some quality food in a relaxing environment.

I love to eat shrimp. Whenever I get the chance to try any shrimp item, I never miss that. When I am in Cyan cafe, I always try the shrimp item. The perfection of the dry spice shrimp skewers are mind blowing. This is one of the must try dishes of Cyan cafe and lounge.

One have to admit the fact that the enormous size of the tiger shrimp is attention seeking. Every time I am surprised by the size of the shrimp. It’s big and good to look at. The main factor behind the mouthwatering taste of the item is the different cooking method. I think the preparation of the item is somehow different with other cafes.

Another great aspect of the item is the use of some exclusive ingredients like special spice and sauce of Cyan. The coating of the tiger shrimp with the signature spices before grilling makes the item more appealing. The aroma of the spice shoots up the flavor of the shrimp greatly. When the shrimp is presented with the Cyan signature sauce, the experience is just mind blowing. The taste of the perfectly grilled shrimp with the exclusive sauce is difficult to describe in words.

The crunchiness of the shrimp is a special experience for the food lovers for sure. It is pretty good to taste. Beside the wonderful preparation, the elegant presentation of the dish is another factor for my affection to Cyan cafe and lounge. The presentation style of the cafe is mention worthy. The shrimps are beautifully arranged in the plate. The color of the grilled shrimps is very lucrative.

The thing I like most about Cyan cafe and lounge is the reasonable price of the foods. There are lots of cafes in the neighborhood which offer different kinds of international cuisines with exorbitant price tag. Though the cuisines are international but the price seems to be unreasonable. Sometimes there is a great mismatch between the price and the quality of the food. But Cyan cafe and lounge is absolutely in different footing in pricing the food items.

The prices of the international cuisines in this cafe are not too much. The price resembles greatly with the quality food and the wonderful preparation. This is a win-win situation for both the customer and the owner of the cafe. By providing world class food in a decent price tag, the cafe is gaining a permanent place in the heart of the food lovers. This is really praiseworthy.

For having an experience full of satisfaction, I pick the name Cyan without a second thought. This is one of the perfect places in Ontario for having great experience with some Middle Eastern cuisines. The cafe is going to be a hub for the food lovers in the near future for sure.


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