Thursday, October 23, 2014

Shisha Destination

Shisha Destination

One of greatest invention in the human civilization is the shisha. There is nothing comparable with the puffing of shisha. If the shisha is prepared in the right way and it is consumed in a nice atmosphere, the experience will be mind-blowing. There are lots of people in this world who do not like shisha. But to the shisha fans, it is a great option for relieving himself or herself from the stress of the world.

Cyan cafe and lounge is one of the best shisha lounges in Ontario. The cafe is full of different kinds of flavors with the amazing aroma. This is such type of lounge for which a shisha lover dreams for. The lounge is designed and organized in such a way that when you enter inside this you will get the urge to have a puff from the shisha.

The shisha lovers can have a memorable shisha session inside this cafe. Beside the regular head, there is option for the orange head shisha that is something different. The preparation process of the orange head shisha is quite different from the regular head. The taste also differs from the regular head. People love to try out the orange head shisha for the difference in the taste. Though the orange head is little bit pricier than the regular head but the shisha lovers never hesitate to try the differences.

The variety of the flavors available in Cyan cafe and lounge is quite amazing for the shisha lovers. Lemon mint, grape mint, gum mint, watermelon mint creates sensational feelings among the shisha lovers. In Cyan cafe there is something special, this is called Cyan special. This is not available in the regular head. Cyan special is only available in the orange head.

There are something special attractions for the shisha fans. The shisha fans can try the unparalleled shisha experience with Red Bull or milk. That is something totally different from the regular flavors. While milk is used the smoke of the shisha becomes thick and the shisha session becomes more enjoyable and exciting. Those who love to avoid the regular and usual way of the shisha experience; these are the must triable options.

Another mentionable feature of Cyan cafe is the availability of the ice hose. When the smoke passes through the hose, it becomes cooler than the usual smoke. The smoke of this type of shisha cools down the throat of the shisha fans. In this case, the smoke becomes thicker than the usual ones. The icy touch of the thick smoke increases the pleasure feelings dramatically.

Do you want to have a remarkable and a sensational shisha session? Then just withdraw yourself from the worldly mundane matters and have a seat inside Cyan cafe and lounge. Pick out your favorable flavor and give a puff in a relaxed approach. Just feel the excitement while puffing the shisha. This will be undoubtedly a unique experience for the shisha lovers. To me, this is the best place for having some unforgettable moments with shisha.


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