Thursday, October 23, 2014

Revival with Hookah

After a long day of work, we need some time just for ourselves. To bypass the monotony of the daily life we always keep searching for something interesting, something stimulating. We all are aware about the wise saying that ‘All play and no work makes Jack a dull boy’. This is really true. Everybody needs some kind of refreshment to revive his or her soul for the next day.

A session with hookah and friends in a great place is always a golden opportunity for me to overcome the official stress. Whenever I get time, I try to have a good hookah session with my dear ones. I have visited many hookah lounges in my area. Among the lounges, Cyan cafe and lounge is in the top position of my list. For the last few times, I am visiting this lounge for enjoying the wonderful hookah session.

I feel some kind of attachment with this cafe. This is indeed a great place to hang out with friends and have a relaxing hookah session. The spacious lounge of the cafe with its charming interior is appealing. There are good numbers of sitting arrangements for the hookah lovers. Most of the time, I prefer to have my sit in the comfortable sofa and take a puff. Life seems to be easy and beautiful while I am in the hookah session.

The rich collection of the hookah flavors and the beverages is enough for the usual gathering inside Cyan cafe. The availability of all kinds of drinks with lots of multinational cuisines attracts the customers in a large number in this cafe. The unique presentation of the hookah with its interesting flavors makes the session pleasing.

The smoke from the multi flavored hookah and the relaxing atmosphere of Cyan cafe brings lots of fun for us. The hookah session works as a kind of social gathering for all of us. Due to the hectic schedule of work, we sit together in this cafe and enjoy our moments to the fullest. We chat, laugh, and shout – it is something more than the enjoyment.

The best part of the hookah session is the relaxation of mind. Sometimes we just sit comfortably without any kind of anxiety or tension. Then we have the puff from the hookah and release the entire worldly problem from our mind. A good hookah lounge helps in relieving from stress.

Cyan cafe and lounge becomes a platform for our friend circles. During the weekend we never forget to have a social gathering inside the comfortable ambience of this cafe and spend some quality time. This is not gives us pleasure but also boosts our mental strength in a different height. We become mentally energize after lots of smoking and gossiping in this cafe.

I love the lounge from the core of my heart. I have enjoyed some of my best moments during the hookah session in this cafe. A puff of hookah with the company of familiar faces gives me some positive energy to face the upcoming life events. That’s really great. 


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