Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Shisha Experience in Canada

I am a business man from UAE. I have to move out of my country for business dealings frequently. For the last couple of months I am staying in Canada. This is one of the most beautiful countries so far I have seen. Especially the landscape of the country is amazing. I am travelling across the country, enjoying the Canadian culture and food.

One of my partners in business offered to have shisha with him. I like shisha but I have never tried it in Canada so far. For shisha Middle Easter countries are in the top list. So I decided to have the experience of shisha in the land of opportunity.

The name of the place was Cyan cafe and lounge. The cafe was good looking and full of clients. Canadian people seemed to be a lover o shisha. Then I took the menu for the list of available foods. One thing that drew my attention was the name of Middle Eastern cuisines in the list. That was really eye soothing for me definitely. I was enjoying the crowd. Especially the people with shisha were more interesting to me.

My partner and I ordered for kebabs and salads. The food was great in taste and I felt the belongingness with my home place after eating the food. Really the experience was delightful. Basically they were no difference in the taste of the food. Then we moved for the Canadian shisha experience. It was a mentionable memory for me.

The cafe had some large screens which telecast matches live. Besides smoking the shisha, some of the crowd was enjoying a live football match. They were in a joyous mood, so lots of noise was there. People were screaming when their respective team players were performing great. The simultaneous experience of smoking shisha and watching nerve wrecking football match with crazy fans was the first hand experience for me. They seemed to be quite happy with the surroundings.

Usually I smoke shisha in UAE in quiet places. I just sit, smoke and relax. But the shisha experience is quite different and new for me. The zeal for the Middle Eastern food to the Canadians makes me so happy. Most of the people around the world are not aware about the greatness of the Middle Eastern food. But we have some exclusive cuisines to satisfy the taste of the people.

The kebab, salad, fattoush, shisha – these are a very little glimpse of the Middle East. But there are lots more options for the food lovers too. I hope that in the near future, Cyan cafe and lounge brings more exclusive cuisines from our long list of traditional food. And I quite assured that these foods will surely be appreciated by the Canadian food lovers.

The overall atmosphere and the ambience of the cafe were quite pleasing and amusing for me. After a lot of days, I smelt the aroma of my home food. For the time being, I forgot that I was in Canada.   


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