Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kebab Museum!!

Yes, it is indeed a kebab museum. I am talking about the trendy Cyan cafe and lounge. The cafe is overloaded with lots of kebab and salad items. It is the perfect place for having the Middle Eastern flavor in Ontario. It is not easy to fly to Middle East in a regular basis but the iconic kebab items are now available in Cyan cafe. This is indeed a never miss opportunity for the foodies.

Why I am calling it the kebab museum? For having the appropriate answer, one has to come inside the cafe. The wonderfully designed cafe offers different types of kebab. The hustle and bustle of Cyan cafe is the proof of its ever increasing popularity among the people. The demand for the kebabs is skyrocketing day by day.

Beef tekka, chicken tekka, grilled liver, beef kebab etc. are some of the regular attractions of the cafe. People also try the beef or chicken schnitzel, veal cordon bleu frequently. Strings of words are not enough to explain the taste of the cuisines. It is difficult to describe the taste of the perfectly grilled meat to someone who never comes to Cyan. The smell of the kebab stimulates the hunger significantly.

The best part about the Middle Eastern cuisine is the grilling process. Though most of the time, the Middle Eastern people prefer to have the meat items, the cooking method is conductive to health. The meat is heated in such a way that the fat part of the meat melts down considerably. The less the fat, the healthier it becomes. This is a good reason for the madness for Middle Eastern food.

Among the multiple choices of kebabs, I am a big fan of the beef kebab. Two skewers of big sized kebab with plenty of rice and salad increases my temptation for the food. The kebab gives a magical feeling inside the mouth. The tenderness of the meat with fresh salads is a must try dish. The kebab is also enjoyable with the rice.

Cyan cafe and lounge is like a kebab museum to me. Because of the numerous varieties of kebabs under the same roof the place is getting popular day by the day to the mass people. Another mesmerizing attraction of this cafe is the delightful salads. There is arrangement of different kinds of salads with the kebabs.

The kebab and the salad item get a magical taste when it is tasted with the Cyan special sauce. The sauce is something unique and I have never tasted anything like that before.

The cafe is really a good place for having some quality food. Beside the kebabs, the menu of the cafe is rich in different kinds of Middle Eastern appetizers, salads and drinks. This is wonderful. This is a must try place for the people who loves Middle Eastern food. The Perfectly grilled meat with wonderful presentation is enough to make a day. The unique style in presentation and the welcoming atmosphere of Cyan cafe is praiseworthy. 


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