Thursday, October 23, 2014

It is Calamari!!

The word calamari seems to be weird to some people. It is not a rare case to find people who never heard this word in their lifetime. The word calamari can be new to some of us. It is nothing but the squid!! In Middle Eastern countries, they prefer to use the word calamari instead of the squid. People tend to love the word calamari instead of squid.

Initially I was in a doubt about the menu and its ingredients. Later I was startled by knowing that it is nothing but the squid. This was the first time in my life I met with the famous calamari in Cyan cafe and lounge. While I was thinking about what to order as appetizer, I found a long list of Middle Eastern cuisines. Before coming to Cyan cafe, one of my friendstold me about the availability of Middle Eastern foods here. When the server assured me that calamari is nothing but the squid then I made my decision.

The golden brown colored item was look worthy. The delicious looking item was served with the sauce. I was amused to know that calamari was going to be served with the famous Cyan sauce. I heard a lot of positive feedbacks about this signature Cyan sauce. When calamari was arrived in my table with the sauce, I was ready to taste the item.

The taste of calamari is matchless. It cannot be compared with fish or other sea food items or chicken. This is something totally different. The texture of the food is exceptional. I have never tasted something like that before. It is chewy. But it is astonishingly delicious. The sauce boosts the taste of the item in a different height.

Calamari accompanied with the signature Cyan sauce was a wonderful dish certainly. Especially I loved the crispy texture of the item. Though this was made from squid but the item looked something else. I was trying to find out similar to the taste of the food. To me, the taste resembles something nearer to shrimp. With the slight flavor of shrimp but different texture, it was one of the marvelous appetizers I ever had.

Some people argue about the taste of the calamari. Sometimes people complain that calamari is fishy. This is not true at all. This is the item where I found the level of fishiness in the lowest. Moreover the richness in the taste of calamari depends on the method of cooking. The calamari I tasted in Cyan was perfectly cooked. I had not experience the slightest fishy flavor in the item. Though it was seafood but the absence of the fishy flavor was wonderful.  

Lots of skills and cautions are required to prepare a dish like calamari. The calamari which was presented to me was really a wonderful one. I have to admit that the cooking method of Cyan cafe was flawless in preparing the dish. At the end of the meal, I was quite pleased to taste the squid with a different name. 


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