Thursday, October 23, 2014

Inside Cyan cafe and lounge

The abundance of blue color is visible inside Cyan cafe and lounge. The word cyan denotes the greenish blue color; the cafe is beautifully decorated with plenty of that color. When someone enters inside the cafe for the first time, the interior will attracts her attention for sure. It is soothing and calming. The arrangement for food is well organized.

The color was so appealing to me. Hence I visited the cafe for several times. The waiters are good mannered and friendly. They try to provide quality service to the clients. The preparation of the foods does not take much time. During the rush hours, they have to work like machines especially in Saturday and Friday. In these days, the cafe remains busy with a great number of clients.

A good aspect of the cafe is the take away service. My family members love to eat Middle Eastern food. After the office, I enter the cafe and take some exquisite cuisines for my family. If I compare the quality and the taste of the food with other cafes, the price never seems to be much to me. For such kind of quality international flavor, I am happy to spend.

The inside of the cafe is vibrant and welcoming. There are lots of big screens to watch. Wi-Fi service is available inside the cafe. That’s a great advantage for me. While I have to wait for the food to be prepared I can do some of my official works in my phone. I am not a fan of the TV screen. So the internet is one of the lone options for people like me.

Sometimes I just come to relax in the cozy environment of the cafe. I hear the background music, my eyes remain closed and a glass of drinks in my hand. The Cyan cafe and lounge can boast about their bottle service. It is quite up to the mark. This is another reason for the bottle lovers to visit the cafe.

I am a shisha fan and I love to try the different flavors of shisha. The feelings I get while I am inside the Cyan cafe and lounge is majestic. After a hectic week full of work load, you need some relaxation for the body and soul. Shisha is a good option to relief all kinds of tiredness. What can be better than have a siting the comfortable sofa with the mouth piece of shisha in hand? There is nothing to compare with a puff of shisha in a relaxed approach in this world. Those who have never tried the shisha, I request all of you to try this for once in your lifetime. You will not regret the experience for sure.

From my point of view, the Cyan cafe and lounge has all the amenities to give you a comfy feeling after a mundane day. The food, music, shisha etc. are enough to content your heart. The cafe will give you the unique feelings of calmness and happiness certainly. 


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