Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hookah Session in Cyan Cafe

What is the best place in GTA for a mesmerizing experience with hookah? To me, it is the Cyan cafe. I have tried different types of hookah flavors in different places. But so far Cyan is in the top of the list. The hookah flavors available there is just amazing.

Now I become a familiar face in the lounge of Cyan. It is my great pleasure to admit that whenever I went there, I found someone whom I met before during the hookah session. The familiarity gives a comfortable pleasure and a relaxing environment. For that wonderful feeling, I never hesitate to go to this cafe.

The smoking of hookah is an art. If you are in hurry to finish the smoking part, you are going to miss the core part. Smoking hookah needs time and patience. You can sit alone or with a bunch of friends. But the company matters while having the hookah. Friendly chit chat with someone is helpful to get rid of all kind of anxiety and tension. Then there comes the flavor choosing part. To me, apple and mint are the most preferable.

When the hookah arrives, just take a puff and feel the difference. It is just like the breathing process. This is the time to enjoy the session. The smoke has the mysterious power to make a change in the mental state. In Cyan there is arrangement for watching live matches. That is another good way to enjoy the hookah. The puffing of hookah and the excitement of live matches create a different scenario. The noise and the smoke will give you an unusual feeling for sure.

I enjoyed two live matches in this cafe while smoking hookah and the rest of the time I enjoyed alone or with the company of friends. Both of the experiences are worthy of mention. After puffing the hookah for a while, I can feel an upbeat mood inside me. It is difficult to brief the situation by words. There is only one thing to do – just feel.

Sometimes the hookah experience boosts my mind. After the hookah session, my heart becomes full with joy and happiness. The soothing environment of the Cyan cafe is praise worthy. Beside the hookah, there is good arrangement for food. This is a place where you can try shisha, have some good Middle Eastern food, watch the games with your buddies.

Why I prefer Cyan than any other cafes in GTA?  It is not easy to make the list of the reasons. May be the shisha flavor or the vibrant feeling of the cafe attracts me. Those who want to have a wonderful session of hookah with the buddies can think about the Cyan cafe and lounge. The price is reasonable and the service is satisfactory. The inside atmosphere is different from the other cafes in the neighborhood. That is why this cafe takes place inside my heart. Whenever I get some time or I need relaxation or a quality time with friends, there is no option other than this cafe. 


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