Thursday, October 23, 2014

Grilled Liver

For the first time in my life, I have tried the liver. And it was tasty delicious. I was a little bit confused about the taste before confirming the order. But the server of the Cyan cafe and lounge assured me about the cuisine. Then I confirmed that as my lunch menu.

I have been to the Cyan cafe several times. Usually, I go for the beef kebab or the chicken kebab. But I have not tried the liver prior to that. The name of the cuisine was written as “Kebda Tekka”; I was totally unaware what about of the cuisine. But the meaning of the cuisine written in English helped me to pick it up. If the meaning was not written in English, I was quite doubtful about ordering that.

The liver served in my table beautifully. There were two skewers of liver combined with salads. There was option for having either rice or French fry. I do not prefer rice so much. That is why I chose the French fry. The liver with the fries and the salads was good looking. My hunger state became intensified by the well decorated presentation of the dish.

The good part about the Middle Eastern food is that the cuisines are grilled perfectly, so the amount of fat reduced significantly. The reduction of the fat while grilling the meat is the reason behind the popularity of the Middle Eastern cuisines. The liver was perfectly grilled in the both side.

I am a huge fan of the salad prepared by the Cyan cafe and lounge. The cafe is showing its expertise in the salad preparation. Middle Eastern salad is always full of fresh vegetables. The use of tomato, cucumber, mint etc. makes the salad very tasty and multi colored. Sometimes bell peppers are used as another ingredient to the salad. It tastes amazing.

The grilled liver was great with the salad. The crispness of the French fries makes the cuisine more enjoyable. The two skewers of the grilled liver were enough for a single person like me. Beside the liver, there were arrangement of salad and French fries.  All these food combinations are perfect for the lunch. I was full after having the lunch in the Cyan cafe at that day.

Though there was not so much space available in my tummy, I decided to try the liver with rice. So I ordered for the Cyan rice. It was astonishing for me that the grilled liver was a good combination with the rice too. Though I had not eaten a lot of the rice, but I was contented.

From that moment, my list of favorite food is increased by another number and it is the grilled liver. I feel fortunate to have the chance to try the delicious cuisine. The price of the cuisine was not so much. I will put a star mark beside the name of the Cyan cafe and lounge for opening a new window for me in the world of cuisines. 


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