Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fusion of Familiar and Unfamiliar Foods

Can you a name a great place where you can sit, gossip, eat, drink, and listen to music as long as you want? There is hardly any place like that. Most of the places for food lack any one of those features. Hence, I was always in search of such a place. And at last I am successful in getting that. This is the new sensation in the town—Cyan cafe and lounge, which is located in the heart of Richmond Hill. I am quite satisfied with the cafe. It’s really an enjoyable place to have your food while hearing some quality music.

Cyan cafe and lounge has the special Middle Eastern cuisines and other international cuisines. I was there to taste the flavor of Arabian foods. I did not have any kind of experience with that type of food previously. When the menu was given in my hand, I was in a dilemma about the cuisines. As I did not have any prior experience with this type of foods. For a few seconds, I was in a doubt about what to do. By realizing my unfamiliarity with the cuisines, the server came forward to help me. I really have to appreciate his helpful approach.

Then, from the list of familiar and unfamiliar cuisines, I decided to go for the famous shish kebab which was not new to me and a surprise dish called ‘Fattoush’. The server assured me that my choices were going to satisfy me definitely. Then I was waiting patiently for the foods.
The interior of the Cyan cafe and lounge is well decorated. The bluish lighting inside the cafe gives a relaxing mood. The cafe was almost full when I was there. The servers were busy with the clients. Their helpful approach was praiseworthy.

After a few minutes later, my table was full with a gigantic shish kebab and Fattoush. I felt the urge for galloping the foods as soon as possible by watching the food. It looked really yummy. I had tried the shish kebab before. That’s why I was scrutinizing the ‘Fattoush’. The abundance of lots of fresh vegetables made the dish very good looking. The blend of vegetables and the triangular shaped chip like thing made the dish wonderful. I liked the taste. This is surely one of the must try dishes of Cyan cafe and lounge. The shish kebab needs no description. The meat was tender and perfectly grilled. There were plenty of salads and French fries with the kebabs. I galloped the food like a glutton.

I am quite pleased with the timely service and the good quality food of Cyan cafe and lounge. Really they are trying their best to make the customers pleased. This is certainly a good place to sit, gossip, eat and have a good time. The cafe is a great annexation to our food industry. I am hopeful of trying the other Arabian unfamiliar cuisines soon inside this cafe.

Keep calm and keep serving good food.


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