Thursday, October 23, 2014

Delicious Baklava!!

Have you heard the name of Baklava ever? No, I have not. Is the word sounds strange to you? Yes, it is. Then you need to be introduced with one of the most desired Mediterranean desserts. Baklava is a famous dessert which tastes wonderful after having the meal or with coffee. My first encounter with Baklava is quite fascinating.

Last Friday, I with three of my friends went to the Cyan cafe and lounge. The cafe is well-known for the availability of the international cuisines. They are renowned for the Middle Eastern food and they are successful in attracting a large number of customers. When we moved inside the cafe, it was almost crowded with the gourmets. We managed a table and planning to have some of the kebabs available there. They have lots of preparation with the beef and chicken meat. From the menu, we chose the beef kebab. The kebab menu also included salad and rice. The kebab tasted so delicious with the rice. One of my friend picked French fry instead of the rice. The kebab with the salad was delightful. As dessert, all of us decided to try something new. So far, none of us had tried the Baklava before.

Baklava was delicious. It was sweet and sticky.The thin layered food was stuffed with nuts and it was soaked in honey. It was made of filo dough and the inside was filled with nuts. The food was crispy and sweet. The mixture of honey, nuts gave intensified the sweetness vastly. It was not possible for us to bite more than three to four times because of the sweetness.

After eating foods like kebab, the food has a wonderful appeal. The food is very popular the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries. Though there are variations in the ingredients of different countries but the basic elements are similar. The use of walnut, pistachio, cashew or almond is seen in different places. The filo dough can be soaked in honey or sugar. It is like the pastry. But Baklava is more sticky and sweeter than the pastry.

The food is rich in calorie. Most of the nuts especially the walnut is full of calorie. Walnut also benefits the human body immensely. The presence of lots of sugary element with nuts makes the food tasty. Sometimes butter is used in the preparation of this food.

After finishing the dessert, we all were satisfied with the food. And we were so happy that we tried something new for all of us. The price of the Baklava was comparatively lower than the other desserts. At first we thought that the price would be much higher. As a whole, the experience with the Cyan cafe and lounge was pleasant. All of us were contented with the quality and taste of the food. The cafe is well organized and decorated artistically. The use of greenish blue color perfectly matches with the name of the restaurant.

Warm wishes to all the members of Cyan for giving us the superb experience!! 


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