Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cyan the New Sensation

Cyan cafe and lounge seems to be the new sensation in the neighborhood. Recently, I visited the cafe and pleased with the overall atmosphere of the cafe. I have never been to the lounge before. My maiden experience with the lounge is mind-boggling.

The naming of the cafe is a picture-perfect match with the interior of the lounge. So far I know the meaning of the word Cyan denotes a colorful combination of green and blue. The inside of the cafe is artistically lighted with this color. The lighting effect of the cafe is welcoming. The inside of the cafe is arranged in a well-planned manner. Lots of spaces for sitting are seen in the cafe. The sofas, chairs, tables are placed in organized way.

There are a lot of food options for the foodies. To me they seem to be the number one choice in Ontario for having the Middle Eastern cuisines. Especially this is the perfect ground for the kebab lovers. Not only the Middle Eastern cuisines but also the cafe has some exotic cuisines to offer for the food lovers. On the other hand, the vegetarians can experience different types of salad in this cafe. I have tasted the salad with the kebabs.

The cuisine list of the appetizers and salads are enough for the food lovers to incite their hunger. Anyone who wants to try something exotic and different can go to this cafe without the second thought. To me the best part of Cyan cafe and lounge is the shisha experience. There are lots of shisha lounges in Ontario. But the shisha experience I have got here is totally different. I have tried on of the Cyan special shisha and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had.

Beside the food items, the cafe offers wide range of coffee, drinkand tea. The never ending list of hot drinks, cold drinks and dessert is really a good option for the food lovers. From my point of view, Cyan cafe is one of the best places in Ontario to have some quality time.

The reasonable price of the cuisines makes this place more attractive than any other lounges. I am experienced with lots of lounges. But the food price of Cyan cafe and lounge seems to me decent in compare with other lounges. I am happy with the price tag of the cafe.

The cafe creates different kinds of sensation among the food lovers. The satisfaction of the clients is easily recognized by watching their smiling faces. While I was inside the cafe, it was loaded with a large number of customers. They were gossiping and having the food in a jolly mood. The shisha lounge of Cyan seems to be the most attractive place for the shisha lovers. They were puffing the shisha and watching the giant screens in a jovial mood.

My first time experience is outstanding with Cyan cafe. I am going to experience some of the unfamiliar Middle Eastern cuisines of this cafe soon. 


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