Friday, October 3, 2014

Cyan Cafe and Lounge: The Best Place to Watch Sports in Richmond Hill

There are plenty of sports bars in GTA. As a sports fan I feel bottomless fascination towards these kinds of bars. I love to enjoy the suspense of football matches inside the bar with a glass of my preferred drinks. Cyan cafe and lounge is one of my desired places to watch sports in Richmond Hill. This is one of the next-door spots from my dwelling. So when I get free, I never miss the chance of enjoying the nail biting moments of any vital match.

When I got the news that a new lounge is going to commence its business in the vicinity, I was one of the happiest men for sure. I love gathering. I love to watch matches live. But most of the times, it is not possible to go to the stadium physically and inspire my team. So I have to enjoy the live streaming. But there is a severe problem for me in enjoying matches live in my room. Though the match streams live, I do not get the feelings inside me. Most of the time I feel some kind of isolation while enjoying match, unaccompanied in my residence. That’s why the place seems to be the ultimate choice for a crazy football fan like me.

There are giant screens in the Cyan cafe and lounge. They are positioned in such an architectural tact that the entire cafe can see any of the screen. There is no way to miss the matches if you take your seat in any of the corner, which is a usual phenomenon in most of the sports bars. Already Cyan cafe has won the heart of the food lovers. So most of the time the cafe remains crowded with clienteles. During the live coverage of different sports, the atmosphere of the cafe changes promptly.

Crazy football followers like me take their seat inside the cafe and give support to their team with lots of roars. In case of me, I love to watch the matches by having encircled by the enthusiasts. It does not matter if they are supporting my team or the opposition. But I love to hear the crowd. The restlessness among the spectators can only be filled inside a place like Cyan cafe, where the amenity of watching sports is included.

Cyan cafe and lounge has a selection of liquors. This is one of the must to carry things during the live streaming. Most of the times, I have had a glass full of liquor in my hand while watching the matches. And this is true for most of the other viewers also. Some of them are seen smoking the shisha. It is indeed one of the high time to have a drink or shisha.

I feel a different rhythm inside me while I am in a sports bar. The Cyan cafe and lounge is becoming one of my favorite sports bars to enjoy the games. The reaction of the viewers can never be found by watching the matches alone in the house. The feelings cannot be articulated fruitfully in words, to feel the beat you have to go inside the cafe surely. 


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