Thursday, October 23, 2014

Coffee Time

Cyan cafe is a great place for having the drinks and beverages. For having the hot drinks like espresso, cappuccino, tea; I prefer Cyan. There are numerous parlors for having the hot drinks but I feel special kind of bonding with the ambience of this cafe.    

I am a frequent visitor of the Cyan. Sometimes I pass my leisure time inside the cafe with a cup of coffee reading novels, turning the pages of the daily newspapers or discussing variety of issues with my mates. Beside the huge collection of the liquors, the cafe is a good place for the hot drinks too. I have tried the usual drinks like tea, coffee, espresso or cappuccino in Cyan. Two of the hot drinks that I will recommend for the newcomer in this cafe are the hot chocolate and latte.

Latte is the mixture of streamed milk with the coffee. The coffee is less in amount and the milk is in large portion in the preparation of latte. It gives a milky flavor in the coffee experience. Sometimes we can see the creativity in the presentation of the latte. With the color combination of brown and white, some figures are drawn on the upper level of the coffee. It is really amazing. The coffee fans become energize mentally by seeing the beautiful works before drinking the coffee. Sometimes the faces of the famous persons like politicians, actors, actresses, performers, cartoon characters are being focused. This is an art indeed. I always enjoy the art before sipping the coffee.

Another special hot drink of the Cyan cafe and lounge is the hot chocolate. The awesome taste of the cocoa is preferred by many people around the world. The use of cocoa, sugar and milk creates great sensation among the chocolate lovers. Some people opine that it tastes like the coffee. But it is not true. There are slight similarities in the color and texture. But the coffee connoisseurs can easily pick out the dissimilarities. When the chocolate melts inside the mouth, it gives a different kind of feelings. The hot chocolate is not only creamy but also sugary.

To have the concentrated taste of the coffee bean, one has to try the espresso coffee. A cup of espresso is enough to boost oneself physically and mentally. The strong flavor of the coffee bean has a sizzling effect in the whole body. After a day full of work load, a cup of espresso can be a good option for refreshment. The strong taste of the coffee is due to the abundance of caffeine.

The cappuccino is another great option for the coffee lovers. In this type of coffee, the strong taste of the coffee beans with less amount of milk is found. The richness of foam is the characteristics of this type. The amount of foam is the marginal line between the cappuccino and the latte.

The strong flavor of the coffee beans always attracts me. The smell of the coffee keeps me in an upbeat mood. 


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