Saturday, October 4, 2014

Brazil vs. Germany: The Fall of the Empire

What a night it was! Was it a bad dream or hallucination? I don’t know. I don’t have the slightest idea. Still the memory of that match haunted me like a ghost inside the century old house. Yes, I am talking about the match between Brazil and Germany.

I am a die-hard Brazilian fan. So the match had an unimaginable appeal to me. Though Germany was playing at their fullest effort, I was quite sure about winning the match. My heart was pumping blood in its full motion two days prior to the match. I decided to watch the match in Cyan cafe and lounge. On the fateful day, I arrived at the cafe to hours before the beginning of the match. I wore the famous yellow jersey of the Brazilian team. The number of my jersey was 10 to show respect to Neymar, who was not playing the crucial match due to a severe injury in the last match.

Outside of Cyan cafe and lounge, we, all the Brazilian fans were shouting and cheering for our team. Then we took our hot seat inside the cafe. The presence of tension was easily sensed inside the cafe. People were seemed to be busy with food, shisha etc. When the match started, everybody was staring at the screens. Most of the Brazilian fans were a little bit tensed about the absence of the key player Neymar. But they were hoping for the best. We never had any slightest idea about the upcoming debacle inside our mind.

Fans of the both teams were shouting when their respective team was advancing with ball. At that night, Germans seemed to be more aggressive than the previous matches. I was quietly enjoying the match. At the eleventh minute of the match, Muller first made a successful attack. We took it easily, but what was seen in score line after the 20th minute was so hard to believe. Klose and Kroos just destroyed the defense line of the Brazil side. These goals happened so quickly that I was dumbfounded. I was unable to think at that moment whether these were real goals or the replay of the previous ones. I was astonished, shocked. The Brazilian fans seemed so dejected that that cannot be described in words. The silence among the crowd was heart wrenching. On the other hand, German fans were shouting and enjoying the every second of the match. Afterwards we were praying for an improved situation in the next half of the match. This time the Brazilians appeared to be a little orderly than the previous half. But the Germans were unbeatable at that night. They scored three more goals afterwards.

I watched most of the world cup matches in Cyan cafe and lounge. But this was the most horrible game I had ever seen in my life. After the ending of the match, some of the Brazilian fans were submerged in tears and some of the German fans were consoling them. Still it is hard for me to forget the moments of that night. 


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