Thursday, October 23, 2014

Best Creme Caramel ever?

Yesterday while I was returning from my job, I was searching for a restaurant to sit and have some food. Suddenly the name of Cyan cafe and lounge reflected in my mind. Few weeks back, I was in that place for joining a party. As the cafe was situated in a nearby distance from me, I decided to go there. Then I walked towards the Cyan cafe and lounge for getting some kind of refreshment. I was little bit down yesterday due to the tremendous work load in my office.

The cafe was welcoming as always with its greenish blue colored interior. I took my sit in the furthest corner of the cafe as I was badly on need of some quality moment with myself. Though it was the furthest corner, the cafe was visible fairly enough from my side. Then I gazed at the menu of the Cyan cafe and lounge and searching for something light. At that day I decided not to go for any kind of foods like kebab, Fattoush, salad etc. So I was searching for something sweeter. As I was not hungry enough, I ordered for the creme caramel.

This is one of my favorite desserts that I always look for. Then I was gazing at the inside of the cafe. There was not so much crowd at that time. That was an added advantage for me. The music was playing inside the cafe and people were busy with themselves. Then the waiter came with the dish and it was looking taste worthy.

The food was presented nicely. The creme caramel was in the middle of the plate and there were two strawberries in the corners. The color combination was really wonderful. I felt that I had made the best decision by ordering that dish at that moment. I felt good inside me.

The layer of the caramel on the top was eye soothing. The dish was really well prepared. I was really happy with the taste. It was soft and the smell was great. The syrup boosted the flavor significantly. The taste of the two strawberries soaked in the cream was quite good. As a sweet lover, the combo of caramel and strawberry was perfect for me. It was well baked indeed.

Before eating the dish, I was crestfallen for a few moments. But after having the dish, I felt completely different inside me. The good taste of the creme caramel changed me dramatically. Really foods have the magical power to change the mind. Good food can make you better. After having the dish, I felt better than before.

After finishing my dish, I sent a thank note to the cook for making such a good thing. While I was coming out of the Cyan cafe and lounge, I was totally in different mood. I was energized after a boring day of work. The Cyan cafe and lounge is a perfect place for trying the creme caramel. This is so far the best prepared creme caramel in my neighborhood. 


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