Thursday, October 23, 2014

Baba Ghanouj for the Dip Lovers

Recently I have tried an offbeat appetizer in Cyan cafe and lounge. The menu of this cafe is full of many international cuisines. Among those, one cuisine drew my attention. The name of the cuisine is strange but catchy – Baba Ghanouj. The name is different obviously. The cuisine list of Cyan cafe is always interesting to me because of the names. I like to order the Middle Eastern foods with strange names. Most of the times, my experiences with this exotic foods is quite satisfactory.

So far I know, the word ‘baba’ means dad in many parts of the world. But there is no sigh of something like that in that appetizer. The core ingredient of this appetizer is the eggplant. The cuisine is simple and it is easy to prepare.

When I tasted Baba Ghanouj for the first time in my life, I was surprised by the texture of the cuisine. The smoky taste of the eggplant was amazing. The smoothness of the roasted eggplants was easily palpable. I just liked the feelings inside my mouth.

Baba Ghanouj is prepared by roasting the eggplants in the flame. The eggplants are broiled as long as the skins of the eggplants are burnt enough. The scorched skin is the sign of the transfer of proper heat inside the eggplants. When the eggplants are burnt, the inside portion of the vegetable becomes soften like the paste. This vegetable contains a large amount of water in its inner side than the other vegetables. The water is removed from the paste for the preparation Baba Ghanouj.

In Cyan cafe the appetizer is presented with citrus and tahini. Tahini is the paste of sesame seeds which is very popular in the Middle East. Baba Ghanouj tastes amazing with tahini and the citrus flavor. While the eggplants are broiled in direct flame, it gets a smoky flavor. Citrus helps in reducing the smokiness from the appetizer.

After trying the Baba Ghanouj for the first time in Cyan cafe, I became a sheer fan of this appetizer. The softness and the thickness of the appetizer are wonderful. The mixture of Baba Ghanouj with tahini is marvelous. After having the cuisine in Cyan, I realized the reason behind its unanimous popularity in the Middle East.

My appetite was stimulated by the taste of Baba Ghanouj. Beside the taste, the nutritional fact of the cuisine is remarkable. Eggplants are full of vitamins, minerals and fibers. Not only the eggplants but also the sesame paste i.e. tahini is another rich source of necessary elements.

Thanks to Cyan cafe for introducing me with such an attention-grabbing cuisine. For the dip lovers, it is a must try cuisine. Not only the taste but also the quality service by the waiters of the Cyan cafe is mention worthy. They do not take much time to prepare the dishes. So you do not need to wait for an unlimited period with hungry stomach in Cyan. The well mannered and the timeliness of service make a fan of this cafe certainly. 


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