Thursday, October 23, 2014

An Algerian Night

The nerve wrecking suspense of the world cup matches cannot be described in words. Most of the matches of the Brazil world cup ended with creating suspense and tension among the fans. Especially the matches of the round 16 were undoubtedly the best ones. This round had a different appeal to the people of the Algeria.

The previous performances in the first round matches made us so proud. The Algerians performed up to the mark in all the first round matches. When Algeria moved to the round of 16 stage of the world cup, we were jumping like pop corns. It was a matter of pride and honor for us. So we all the Algerian friends living in GTA, decided to enjoy and celebrate the match together. Cyan cafe and lounge was fixed as the venue for watching the match together. The place is famous for its international cuisines and the TV screens.

On June 30th, all of us assembled at the premise of the Cyan cafe. Most of us were surrounded by the beautiful Algerian flag. We were cheering and waving our beloved flag. Though the match was against Germany, we were not anxious enough about that.

All of us took our sits before the screens. There were a large number of German fans too. The number of the German fans was greater than the Algerian fans. All of us were in a tensed mood because of the knock out round. When the match started, the pulses of the fans increased dramatically. Before an opposition like Germany, the Algerians were playing fairly well. Especially the goalkeeper Rais proved himself at that night. Most of the fierce attacks by the German strikers were defended courageously by the goalkeeper.

When the referee blew the whistle to announce the end of the ninety minutes of the match, the score line was still zero for both the team. We were waiting for eagerly for the next thirty minutes. But this time the Germans were successful in scoring. We were in back foot but not defeated yet. So we were praying for our team. In the second half of the match Germans took the lead for the second time. But within a minute Djabou scored a goal and we shouted like the children.

That was one of the craziest night in my life onside the Cyan cafe and lounge. Though our team was defeated and we were out of the world cup, we were proud for our players. As they fought like the braves and made us happy. The bewildering performance by the goalkeeper Rais was appreciated by the German fans too. He was declared as the man of the match. The night was full of fun and thrill. We ate good foods and watched exciting match. The cafe was a great place to watch matches like this one. We had a wonderful get together at that night. After the end of match, we sat calmly and tried different kebabs with salads and lots of drinks. 


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