Thursday, October 23, 2014

All in One

Cyan cafe and lounge is a new name in my eatery list. The cafe is situated in the heart of the Richmond Hill with lots of attractions. My first experience with the cafe is pleasing and I am quite pleased with the food of the cafe.

The cafe is stunningly decorated with the greenish blue color in the inside. Though there is no outdoor seating arrangement but the indoor is large enough to accommodate a large number of customers at a time. I found a good place to park my bike. The owner of the cafe tried best to decorate the inside with the name. The peaceful ambience of the cafe assures the customers for a wonderful experience.

The most attractive part of the Cyan cafe is the collection of the kebab items. I was stunned while I was surfing the menu for the first time. For the kebab lovers, this is certainly the number one choice. I have never seen such a variety of kebab options in any other places. The menu is enough to satisfy the kebab lovers.

Beside the kebab options, there are lots of options for fresh vegetable salads, cold drinks, tea, coffee etc. The list of the appetizers, main dish, desserts and drinks are mind blowing. There is another attraction in Cyan cafe- shisha. This is so far the best place in Richmond Hill for an exciting shisha experience. I enjoyed a lot while I was puffing shisha in Cyan cafe.

The cozy shisha lounge with the comfortable sofas pacifies the minds of the shisha lovers. The live telecast of different sports in the screens is another unique style of this cafe. The shisha lovers can enjoy the live matches with the pipe in the hand. Watching the matches live and having the puff from the shisha is certainly a golden opportunity. The feeling is just marvelous. it is far better than watching the matches alone in the living room. The crowd in the smoke creates different kind of sensation among the shisha lovers.

The cafe remains jam packed during the weekends. The place is a perfect one for having meal with groups. All kinds of facilities are available in Cyan cafe for a wonderful time. No one needs to wait for the cuisines too long in this cafe. The waiters are prompt and friendly. The service I got from Cyan cafe was praiseworthy. It was quick and up to the mark.

At last, we get a cafe full of everything. I was looking for such a place for a long time. But most of the cafes in Richmond Hill lack something. But Cyan cafe and lounge overcomes the bottleneck. Shisha facility with varieties of Middle Eastern cuisines and mentionable bottle service is a perfect arrangement for the foodies. Now everything is available under the same roof.

I don’t know why but the cafe suits with my demand perfectly. The serene beauty of the cafe gives me relief from the monotony of the daily life. 


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