Thursday, October 23, 2014

All about Hookah

Hookah is an element of sensation to me. I am a loyal fan of hookah. Whenever I am suppressed with pressure or anxiety, I try the hookah. Hookah gives me relief from the mundane world for the time being. For hookah session, I prefer the Cyan cafe and lounge which is situated in the Richmond Hill. The inside atmosphere is welcoming and picture perfect for a great hookah session.

Cyan cafe offers different types of flavors for the hookah lovers. So far, I have tried the most of the flavors of this cafe. Here two types of hookah are available: number one is the regular head and another one is the orange head. Most of us are familiar with the regular headed hookah. The orange headed hookah is little bit expensive then the regular one. Those who prefer something different can go for the orange headed hookah. The normal head is replaced by the orange in this particular type. In this case the orange works as like as the bowl of the regular head. The upper portion of the orange is sliced and then it is covered by the aluminum foil. People who never try this before become amused by watching orange in the upper portion. I was surprised too when I first tasted the orange headed hookah.

The hookah lovers will certainly be pleased by having the option of flavors in the Cyan cafe. The list of option is eye soothing and attractive for the hookah fans. The availability of flavors like mint, double apple etc. is well-known to most of us. There are also flavors like gum mint, lemon mint, watermelon mint, grape mint etc. The choice is yours. The hookah lounge has a special flavor which is called “Cyan special”. This is a special attraction of this cafe for me. The Cyan special flavor is available in orange head. This one tastes really good.

The added advantage of hookah session in the Cyan cafe and lounge is the availability of milk, red bull and ice hose. Some hookah lover always prefer to something different. This is obviously for those hookah lovers. They can have the milk in the base of the hookah. In this case the smoke becomes thicker. There are people who love to have the energy drink in the base of the hookah. For those persons, cyan cafe has Red Bull to offer.

The wide list of the hookah flavors is enough for the hookah lovers to rush to this cafe. The lounge is spacious. One can have a quality time with his friends or alone in this place. If I compare with other lounges of GTA, the price is decent here. The service of the hookah is mentionable. The waiters are expert and always eager to serve the customers. If you are a newbie regard to hookah, there is nothing to worry. The waiters are there for any kind of assistance. They do not take much time in preparing the hookah. So, it’s your time to grab a seat inside the Cyan cafe and have the overwhelming emotional state.


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