Friday, October 3, 2014

Aaah! Fattoush in GTA!!

I am from Lebanon but residing in Canada for the last few years with my family. It is a great place for living with lots of opportunities. But the thing I miss here is the dearth of eateries which offer a large range of Mediterranean recipes. I, along with my family, really miss that. I think most of the people from that part of the world feel the similar.

It was obviously exhilarating news for us that a cafe is coming with lots of trans-national cuisines which includes some of the well-known and most desired Arabian dishes. That’s why the Cyan cafe and lounge became one of my chosen places to have something to eat. I was numbed by happiness when I saw this word in the menu of the Cyan cafe and lounge - FATTOUSH!!

It is a distinctive kind of salad which is just awesome. The salad contains different types of vegetables and toasted pita bread. The combination of the green vegetables and the pieces of the bread make the food so appetizing. The salad is very popular in Lebanon. I thanked the Cyan cafe and lounge authority from my heart for listing this cuisine.

The core elements of the salad are different types of green vegetables. The color of the salad is eye catching. The vegetable ingredients include radish, lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, mint, carrot etc. Sometimes green or red pepper can be used. Besides those, Fattoush can contain other vegetables according to one’s choice. When Fattoush is offered in a bowl it looks so delicious. There are browned pita breads which are mingled with the vegetables in pieces. The bits with the vegetables give a refreshing taste inside the mouth.

The color combination of the salad cannot be described in words. When I got a bowl full of Fattoush in the Cyan cafe and lounge, I was one of the happiest men at this moment in GTA. It reminded me of the old memories of Lebanon and the companion of my family and friends. This is one of the must try dish of Cyan cafe and lounge. Those who do not have any idea about the dish, I request to try this dish at least once in your lifetime. You will order for this dish again in the future once you have tried.

If you are a salad lover, then just rush to Cyan cafe and lounge and have the heavenly taste of this cuisine. The fresh vegetables with the crispy pita bread with added onion flavor are enough for me to make my lunch or dinner a memorable one. Cyan cafe and lounge is a perfect place for trying this appetizing cuisine. During the summer, it will not only refresh you but also work as a good source of food to fill your tummy.

Heartiest cheers to Cyan cafe and lounge for enlisting one of the dishes that is loved not only by me, but also by my family! It gives us feelings for our homeland. Fattoush, simply, works as a refreshing reminder for people like us. 


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