Thursday, October 23, 2014

A New Dimension in Hookah: Ice Hose

There are multiple ways to make your hookah session better than the previous one. There are hookah fans around the world to devise newer styles and approaches to increase the enjoyment to a different level. The invention of the ice hose is surely a source of different type of feelings for the hookah lovers.

I have tried the ice hose in the Cyan cafe and lounge. The cafe has multiple of flavors, such as, double apple, watermelon mint, lemon mint etc. Beside the diverse arrangement of flavors, they have some other options. For example, anyone can have the milk or Red Bull in the base of hookah. The consumption of milk or red bull creates a different sensation among the hookah fans. The use of ice hose brings a lot of joy and new dimension among the hookah lovers. The ice hose can be something new for the newbies.

The hose is built in such a creative style. It is nothing but an accessory with the pipe. The ice hose is connected with the mouthpiece. For getting better hookah feelings, one can try the ice cool smoke via the ice hose. Usually, the use of ice cube in the basement of the hookah does not last long. Within a few minutes the ice cubes melt down due to the absorption of the heat. So the hookah smoker remains in a go hurry mode to finish the smoking session before the melting down of the ice in the base.

The inside of the ice hose is filled up with some elements which works like the functions of ice cubes. There are two portions in the ice hose; the larger and the smaller portion. The larger portion is adjusted with the pipe and the smaller portion is used for smoking the hookah.

When the smoke passes through the icy base of the hookah it enters into the ice hose. The smoke again passes through another tunnel of ice cube. So the smoke becomes cooler and it gives icy feelings to the consumer. The hookah lovers prefer that ice cold feelings. The smoke becomes thicker than the regular hookah in ice hose. This is great for the hookah lovers around the world. 


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