Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Mexican Delight

The dish I am talking about is very popular in the movies. This is a renowned Mexican cuisine and appreciated around the globe. This Mexican snack is found in many countries of the world. Usually nachos are taken as an appetizer or snacks. The Cyan cafe and lounge is one of the best platforms to have the delicious and crispy nachos.

It is one of my favorite cuisines full of lots of ingredients. The variety of ingredients gives the cuisine a beautiful and appealing outlook. The food contents are simple but the taste of the cuisine is wonderful. Anyone who has tried nachos before can never forget the taste.

The presence of tortilla can easily be identified in the plate full of nachos. The tortilla chips are the main ingredients of this cuisine. To add taste in the food lots of other ingredients, such as, onions, jalapeno peppers, cheeses are used. The preparation of nachos is quite simple.

The nachos I have tried in the Cyan cafe, was full of these ingredients. The use of mozzarella cheese and the cheddar cheese increases the taste greatly. The cafe also provides as side the sour cream and the salsa. The cheese lovers can add extra cheese if they want.

The combination of crispy tortilla chips with onions, jalapenos and the cheeses is just amazing. I become passionate to this cuisine day by day. I love the mixed taste of tortilla with the salsa sauce. There is nothing to compare with the feeling. The freshness of the vegetables and the crispness of the tortillas uplift the taste of this cuisine in a different level.

Another good side of this Mexican cuisine is the outlook. A plate full of nachos is worthy of looking. Everybody feels the urge to taste the tortillas. The available of jalapeno on the upper portion of the cuisine is an added taste for the food lovers.

The Cyan cafe and lounge is a place where lots of international cuisines are available. Among those cuisines, nachos are getting popular day by day. The melted cheese with other ingredients is enough to satisfy the hunger of the food lovers. The preparation of this cuisine is simple but the satisfaction after having this Mexican delight is heavenly. Vegetables like onions, peppers with the salty tortillas is really good combination.

The food value of this cuisine cannot be ignored. Lots of vegetables are used in the preparation of nachos. Vegetables are the store house of vitamins and minerals, which are essential for human being. In case of tortillas, there are two types – the baked type and the fried type. The baked tortilla is better than the fried tortilla.

This cuisine is very popular among the kids. The triangular shaped chips have different kind of appeal to them. I some parts of America, the demand for this cuisine is enormous. The reasons behind the widespread popularity of this appetizer are the simplicity in the making and the greatness in the taste. This is one of the masterpiece appetizers by the Mexican certainly.    


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