Thursday, September 11, 2014

What to Try at Cyan Cafe

If you are looking forward to visiting Cyan cafe today or tomorrow, this post might come handy. I take it that you have already heard of what is available at Cyan. It is an ideal lounge, so you could be and would be expecting many things at once. Sometimes it might seem difficult to decide what to get in the first place, especially, if you are a new comer to Cyan because of their endless menu. Though specialized in hookah smoking, regular foods and drinks are also to be found there. By chance if you browse through those categories, you will find option after option too. So you had better be ready before paying a visit. The customer service there is very good, and they will definitely help you with selection; nevertheless, it would take both of your time. So why don’t get ready before your expedition, and enjoy every moment of your staying!

First I would like to start with the Kebab. I am privileged to have tasted shish kebab at different places, but none has tasted like the one from Cyan. Cyan’s shish kebab is cooked following the exact Arabian recipe. They don’t try to do any fusion. I think it is good since you go to an Arabian place to have a taste of the native cuisine. Obviously, Cyan deserves the whole credit for that. What if you are looking for something usual? Try Cyan’s delicious hamburger made with fair care. Once you have tasted one, it would make you come back for another.

The fantastic thing about Cyan is that it offers something for everyone. What if you are not a meat lover? Luckily their menu is full of delish Arabian salads. I have already tried three of them. The ingredients used in those salads are nutritious and energetic; as well as that the moment they are served you would be hasty to taste them up.

These foods mightn’t feel wholly satisfactory unless a glass of wine has been taken with. The good news is, in their menu there available some of the finest bottles. No matter whether it is whiskey, wine, champagne, or just a cold beer you are willing to have, all are available in their cellar. 

Have something to eat and drink anything you like, and have the most pleasant hours of your day accompanied by your friends or fiancée. Every time I visit Cyan it seems magical. I can’t even notice when the hours have flown away. If this is not how a cafe should be, then what else it could be.     


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