Saturday, September 20, 2014

Shisha Experience in Cyan Cafe & Lounge

I am not a shisha lover. That’s why I am not a frequent visitor to shisha lounges. Day before yesterday, I, accompanied by one of my colleagues, visited Cyan cafe and lounge. I was reluctant to have any kind of food as I was not so hungry. To keep the request of my colleague I went with him. I was planning to have something light with drinks. But my colleague, a shisha fan, was there for the third time to have the shisha experience.  He stepped in most of the shisha lounges available in his area. According to him this cafe gives him different types of feeling. He bet with me to make me a shisha fan after trying in this cafe. Though I was not so eager to go there, I agreed to accompany him. 

As it was Saturday night, the cafe was full with customers. The sound of music was being heard inside the cafe, and people were busy with their foods. We took our sit on a sofa and my colleague chose his favorite flavor from the menu. I ordered a drink. Still I was adamant not to try shisha. Rather I was enjoying the surroundings of the cafe. I was not in this place before. My colleague met some of his previous acquaintances there. He was delighted when his shisha arrived in his hand. He started his blissful session with shisha while I was sipping my drink. He offered me to try the flavor. Just to make him happy, I decided to try the shisha here. Somehow I got strange feelings. Though I tried shisha earlier, I liked the flavor. Then my colleague requested me to try the mint flavor. I was totally pleased with the flavor. There were lots of people like us, enjoying their time having shisha.

I am contented with the shisha experience in Cyan cafe and lounge. I felt relaxed on the soft sofa.  My colleague was laughing to have seen a sudden my change in the mood. Really the shisha changed my mood. The overall atmosphere was so cool and chilling. I enjoyed every moment. Thanks to my colleague for introducing me with a new place with new flavors. The lounge offers some unique, different flavors which are not available everywhere.

I enjoyed the Saturday night with my heart at Cyan. The cafe gave me an Arabian style shisha feeling. For the time being, I forgot that I was in Richmond Hill. I felt like that I was enjoying my summer vacation in a Middle-Eastern country. Really the electric atmosphere of the lounge will be boosting you greatly. I love that feeling.

I was not upset as I lost the bet; rather I am so pleased with him for he introduced me with a great place. An amateur like me became a shisha fan afterwards! I loved the warm hospitality and timely service of the cafe. This is one of the greatest shisha experiences I have ever had. Voila! 


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