Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday Night with DJ Saif at Cyan Cafe and lounge

When I heard that DJ Saif was in Canada, I was dumbfounded. Due to the extreme work load, I could not attend his live performances. When Cyan cafe and lounge arranged a Friday night program with DJ Saif, I was extremely happy. At once I had reserved my seat. But like a bolt from the blue, I was struck in some awkward situations for which I was unable to attend that program. I had to gift away the ticket to one of my friends.

Later that week, I got the chance again to make up my previous week’s loss. Yes, DJ Saif was going to perform again and this time it was Saturday! I did not think twice, I had just picked the phone up, dialed and booked a seat. Fortunately, this time I had not missed the opportunity. I, accompanied with one of my friends, rushed to the spot half an hour ago. The cyan cafe and lounge was full with the lovely audiences. Everyone was eagerly waiting for the DJ.

The audiences inside the cafe welcomed the DJ with round of applauses and cheers. Then the DJ thanked everyone for being present at that day and started his musical fusion. He blended the Arabian music in such a wonderful way that the crowd was enjoying the night mesmerizingly.  He proved his brilliance by his excellent work.

The cafe was full and there was hardly any room left. Everywhere there was music lover to hear the magical sounds. The beats made the crowd crazy. With time, the crowd was becoming more vibrant and they were dancing on the floor. The amazing beats made me almost crazy as I am a beat loving person. The same thing happened to my friend too.

This was one of the best arrangements, I had ever enjoyed. The Cyan cafe and lounge was specious enough with good foods. Music lovers like me enjoyed the night for sure. The cafe took a great decision by choosing an exceptional performer like DJ Saif. His performance was up to the mark. DJ Saif proved his fame by his mind blowing beats.

The matter that drew my attention is the choice of performers by the Cyan cafe and lounge. On July 4th, they felt the pulse of the audience. They never hesitated to bring the masterpiece again on the next week. Both the time he touched the heart of the crowd.

Saturday is one of my favorite days in the week. I try my best to enjoy the day with full pleasure. If there is an arrangement of such kind of program, this is surely an extra layer of cream for me. I have an earnest request to the Cyan cafe and lounge authority to arrange such kind of gala nights and bring performer like DJ Saif. The musical fusion with drinks is enough for making the Saturday night blockbuster. I look forward to enjoying more programs like this one in Cyan cafe, in near future. 


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