Thursday, September 18, 2014

Middle Eastern Cuisine in Canada!!

Middle East is a great place for food. Kebab is the signature food of this area. People of that region prefer meat than any other food. The availability of Middle Eastern food in this part of the world is really a blessing for the Canadians. Cyan cafe and lounge brings the awesome flavor of meat in Toronto. What can be better than this for the meat lover of Canada?
Shish kebab is one of the most desired foods in the menu of this cafe. The customers are rushing towards this great place for having the taste of the awesome kebab. The aroma of the kebab will intensify the hunger for sure. The cafe brings the kebab with variety of salad. Customers love to have the meat with salad.
The size of the kebab is enormous. Food lovers become happy by having the big sized kebab. The shish kebab combined with French fries and a drink is enough to please the tummy of the kebab lover. To have the desired Arabian flavor in Canada is really a golden chance for the clients; because, It is not possible for everyone to fly to Middle East and have the kebab frequently.

Shisha is another great attraction of this place. It is true that there are lots of other shisha lounges. But the convenient arrangement for the shisha lovers draws a big line with other lounges. During the weekends, Cyan cafe and lounge becomes fully crowded with the shisha fans. Sitting in the sofa with shisha in hand and chatting with friends is a common scene in this cafe. This place offers a friendly mood for everyone. Most of the shisha lounges offer almost the same varieties of flavors. But Cyan cafe brings not only the traditional flavors but also some of the exotic flavors which are rare in any other places in Toronto. This is a good reason for the shisha lovers to visit the place.

People who would like to have the Arabian flavor without flying there, for them, Cyan cafe and lounge is a great option. This is a great place to hang out with friends both in weekdays and weekends. During Monday to Thursday the cafe remains open from 5.00 pm to 1.00 am. On Friday and Saturday they serve till 2.00 am, that’s a great convenience for the Saturday night lovers! On Sunday, the cafe remains open from 2.00 pm to 1.00 am. It appears that the timing of service of the cafe is fairly good enough for the food lovers.

Anyone, who loves to try Arabian cuisine and environment, can try the food of Cyan cafe. The cafe is totally different from other cafes and shisha lounges. The fascinating interior, congenial environment, quality food, and well trained servers will make a huge difference with other places in Richmond Hill. This cafe brings new style in the presentation of food. We are lucky enough to have a cafe and lounge like this one in our neighborhood. 


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