Saturday, September 20, 2014

Heat of the World Cup Final at Cyan Cafe

No one can deny the heat of the world cup matches. Everyone enjoyed the football world cup 2014 to the fullest. I tried my best not to miss any of the matches from the knock out round. Especially I had enjoyed most of the matches with my friends. Before the semifinal matches I was too excited to watch the matches in my room. So I decided to have the excitement in a public place. I was searching for a place which offers not only the live coverage of the matches, but also has football loving crowd. Then I moved to the Cyan cafe and lounge to share my tension with other football fans.

Prior to the starting of the match, most of the seats were occupied. Fortunately, I found a corner with a great view of the screens. I just grabbed the seat and started counting the time. The place was perfect for such kind of match and I felt that I had not done any mistake by choosing Cyan cafe for watching the high voltage matches. In the meantime, I ordered some drinks, and had chit chat with other fans around me. It was a match between Argentina and Netherlands. The Cyan cafe and lounge seemed to be divided by the Orange color of the Dutch fans and the sky Blue of the Argentine fans. I belonged to the oranges and fortunately I was surrounded by the Dutch fans. Everybody was enjoying the moments and some fans began the countdown.

After a while, the high voltage match started and there was pin drop silence inside Cyan cafe & lounge. Sometimes the Argentine fans were screaming while their favorite player Messi was getting the ball. On the contrary when Robben was running towards the Argentine goal post, Dutch fans were jumping with joy. The ninety minutes match was full of suspense and excitement. Bone chilling tension was seen among the fans. The fans were ordering drinks one after another.

The atmosphere of the Cyan cafe and lounge changed after the match was tied. The whole cafe was watching the next thirty minutes of the match with nail biting tension. But the extra time seemed not to be fruitful. Then the referee blew the whistle for tiebreaker. All the fans of both team submerged in anxiety, and some were praying to the almighty for their team.  By breaking the heart of the Dutch fans, the Argentine fans were in cloud nine when their goal keeper Sergio Romero showed the best performance ever. I had nothing to do except watching the joyous crowd of Argentine football lovers. Then I got up from my seat and decided to leave.

Though my team did not win the match, the moments I passed inside the cafe was full of ecstasy. The environment of Cyan cafe and lounge is electrifying for watching live matches. I loved it and decided to enjoy the final match in this cafe. 


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