Thursday, September 11, 2014

Guest review: Cyan Cafe & Lounge

It was my earnest pleasure to be at Cyan for at least once. I am no smoker to be boasting about my shisha expertise, nonetheless, I always have got a thing for trying new things in the town. My work makes me visit different countries around the globe. Though often tiresome, it is an opportunity too to get to know new places, cultures, and foodies. Having been to the Middle East, especially to the UAE and Qatar, I have been able to get myself accustomed to several Arabian traditions, which are quite interesting. The first one in my list would definitely be Arabian foods, to be more precise, kebab and yummy salads with lucrative dressing. I became kind of fond of those. Back home in Richmond Hill I was looking for a place where I may hangout when I get leisure time. That would be great to enjoy delicious foods, and gossiping with friends at the same time.

In Toronto there may be lots of shisha cafe or lounge, but I had been missing the electric atmosphere which I experienced at native Arabian shisha cafes. I was looking for a place that might accommodate some other facilities like liquor, TV, music system, light snacks, kebab and salad as mentioned before. No doubt, finding all of those amenities under one roof could be tiring. At sometime I started believing that it is not possible to get everything altogether. So I may have to be content with the available options. Thanks Gee, one of my friends informed me of Cyan cafe & lounge. He was well aware of what I was looking for and gave me the ‘to go’ signal. However, I was still skeptic even though my friend knew about my choices. I decided to give it a try anyways.

My first step at Cyan can never be forgotten. It made me feel as I was in the same environment as I was in Arabian shisha cafe in Arab! Great, isn’t it? Before getting myself seated I had had a chat with the owner who himself of Arabian decent, and an amicable person. The crowd was full at Cyan when I was visiting since it was the day of a play-off. The room was buzzing with noise and smoke. The best way to get adjusted in such a situation is to behave like one in the hive! So surprising my company, I ordered a shisha (Orange flavored). That would be wrong to tell that it was cheap comparing to other shisha places in Richmond Hill. At any rate, it worth what it cost. At my request I was given a mild but exotic mix. I enjoyed it until the end. Besides Orange they have got all the traditional and exceptional flavors. You can also do some experiments with their flavors if you would like to; which I intend to do the next time I go there.

Besides their shisha, I tested a small hamburger as well, which was good. Afterwards a plate of Arabian salad was ordered and we tasted that. The salad was so delicious that I was thinking I should have ordered a plate for my own. Anyhow, I had drunk two glasses of finely processed wine that made my day. Oh! Although I have not got to try their Shish kebab yet, my friends who had it, made me promise not to give it a miss! Next time I will be going for it, no doubt about that.   



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