Saturday, September 27, 2014

Girls day out at Cyan Cafe and Lounge

It was Saturday night; we all the girls were chilling at the middle of the night. After a long time, we were successful in organizing a get together. We were frantically searching for a new place, and one of us suggested the name of Cyan cafe and lounge. It was a new name for most of us and we were enchanted by having to know something new. Our ecstasy knew know bounds when we heard that there was good arrangement of shisha.

All of us overwhelmed with joy by entering in the cafe. The place was almost loaded with customers. At first we were in doubt about getting a seat in that busy moment. But after waiting for a while, we got a good corner of the cafe for sitting. The whole cafe was seen from this corner and we were enjoying the surrounding. We ordered for kebabs with lots of salads and drinks. There were some big screens for the customers. The inside of the Cyan cafe and lounge is spacious and comfy. People were busy with their foods and drinks. They were conversing and enjoying the weekend.

Then our food arrived and we were extremely happy by the enormous size of the shish kebab. It was grand and nicely presented. We enjoyed the shish kebab for sure. One of my friends ordered for cream caramel and it was so good looking that all of us ordered for that. It was trapezoid shaped with layer of chocolate on the upper part; on the corners, there were strawberries with cream. The whole plate was so lucrative and mouthwatering. The taste of that was unforgettable.

We were having fun with ourselves to the fullest. We moved for the hookah afterwards. This part of our get together was full of laughter and noise. Some of our friends have not had hookah experience before. So it was the most exciting part, certainly. We were trying different kinds of flavor. We laughed a lot and smoked the hookah. The newbies among us seemed to be more thrilled than us. They smoked as like as they were frequent shisha smoker. We had lots of snap shots and selfies for sure. This was the best part of our get together.

Heartiest thanks to the Cyan cafe and lounge authority for the wonderful presentation of foodies and beautiful interior. The place is great for party like ours. There are lots of new foods to try. Before coming to the restaurant, I presumed that they have only the Arabian food to offer but later I found that they have some international cuisines as well. That’s a very good decision to have the multi flavored cuisines for different types of food lovers.

We were quite pleased with the service of the cafe. Their quality of the food, service of the staffs, inside music, friendly atmosphere – everything is perfect for gala party. We spent a quality time among our friend circles and the get together was full of thrill and fun. Hail to Cyan cafe and lounge for their hospitality. Cheers! 


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