Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cyan Cafe & Lounge: A New Dimension

For the last few years, I was totally frustrated with the restaurants in my area. Most of those restaurants got into business were stereotype. There is no dynamic change in the food list. Sometimes I was bored with these restaurants. Few days back, I with some of my college friends went to Cyan cafe for the first time. At first we were expecting nothing new. We just went there because it was a new place to hang out for us. But the cafe drew our attention interestingly.

Initially, we did not have any plan to have a lot of food. That’s why I ordered the burger with fries and drinks. It took a little time to prepare the burger, and we indulged in gossiping with each other. We were trying to find out the differences between Cyan cafe and other restaurants. We have to admit that they are successful in making some striking change with their counterparts. Especially the chairs and sofas are arranged in a stylish manner. Waiting for food is always boring; but they have some big screen TVs to watch and pass the idle time. That’s really a good idea. If you come to this place alone, you can enjoy the big screen without getting bored. Then our other ordered menu arrived. All of us became so pleased by the arrival of our burger. The mouthwatering look of the burgers made us hungrier. Cyan cafe and lounge showed their perfection in burger making. I loved the size of the burger. The bun, meat, cheese, and onions made the burger yummy. The size of the burger is perfect of any individual. The sliced bun is soft, tender, and the ingredients were perfect. The combined taste of lettuce, onion, tomato, and cheese with the meat is amazing. All of my friends were eating like they were hungry for the last few days!!! Really the burgers tasted so good. The fries with the burgers were added advantage. Fries were crispy enough to satisfy us. The toppings of the burger were fresh. That’s why the burger tested so well. Two of my friends ordered another two burgers after finishing the first one. But it was not possible for me to have another, as I was full with the first one. We were fully satisfied with the burgers of cyan cafe and lounge. At that moment we got a feeling that at least there were some changes in the taste. And we really appreciate that. Cyan cafe and lounge added a new dimension in food preparation. We enjoyed the drinks too. The list of drinks was praiseworthy. They offer a variety of drinks. The menu of the Cyan cafe and restaurant seems to be satisfying for the food lovers.

My experience is quite satisfactory with Cyan cafe and lounge. From my point of view, the cafe brings new dimension to our food industry. At least they’re bringing some changes. It is a new option for people like me.

Cyan cafe and lounge: Keep calm and carry on. 


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