Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cyan Cafe & Lounge: A Food Haven

As a food lover, I always keep searching for places which offer exotic foods. Whenever I get a new place with different menus, I never miss the chance to try their food. When I got the news of Cyan cafe from my colleague, I was eagerly waiting to taste the Middle Eastern flavor. Last Friday, I tried the food and it was fabulous.

The interior of the cafe is soothing and the atmosphere seems to be very cozy. The sitting places are beautifully arranged. One thing that draws my attention is the lighting of the cafe. The blue lighting and the inside of the cafe seems to be a perfect match.

Then I turn my eyes to the menu. After a long time I get a place in Toronto which offers a variety of Middle Eastern foods. The menu also includes different flavored shisha and drinks. I recommend trying the shish kebab of Cyan cafe, and I bet you are going to order another after having one. The meat is tender and the kebab is perfectly heated.

Cyan cafe is one of the most perfect places for shisha in Toronto. They have a great number of flavors in their list. I am thrilled by having such number of different types of flavors in Toronto. The atmosphere is perfect enough for boosting your feelings. The blue lighting, good sitting arrangement, and the good quality shisha – these are enough to make your day. You can relax on the comfortable sofa and enjoy the surroundings in a jolly mood.

Another thing that touches me is the service of the Cyan cafe and lounge. I don’t have to wait for a long time in this cafe. The staffs are caring and helpful enough to give you a familiar atmosphere. They do not take much time to serve the food. Besides, they are always ready to help the customer. If there is any kind of delay in preparing the food, they never hesitate to apologize for the delay. In Toronto, I have gone to lots of cafes and restaurants. Most of these restaurants cannot maintain the services up to the mark. At the beginning of business they perform well, but day by day their services become worse. In this case Cyan cafe seems to be different. The service I have got is quite satisfactory.

The presentation of food in Cyan cafe and lounge is promising. The food is presented in a mind blowing style. It is unique and eye soothing. You will get an inner urge from your tummy to taste the food as soon as possible. The unique presentation and the smell of the food will satisfy you for sure.

After a long interval, I got a place in Toronto which seems to be a perfect match for me. I came out of the cafe in a jovial mood. I wish the cafe will be able to uphold its quality service and mouthwatering food. I am hopeful to land inside the cafe again within a short period of time.


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