Saturday, September 27, 2014

Arabian Nights in Toronto

Most of us heard the name of the world famous book “Arabian Nights”. Some of us read the marvelous stories. After reading the stories, we got some kind of mental attachment towards Arabian culture. Their culture is colorful and interesting. I have great interest in this culture. But it is not possible for me to leave Canada forever and move to an Arabian country; so, when I found Cyan cafe and lounge, I could bet there were only a few people who would be happier than me. I love Arabian food and Cyan cafe is picture-perfect in this arena. They are offering vast range of Arabian foods, arranging Middle Eastern music, and the world famous shisha; what can be a better place than this one? I have never missed the chance to enjoy the Arabian flavor in Cyan cafe.

Most of the time the cafe remains crowded but the place is neat and clean. During the weekends there are huge gathering but the service is immaculate.  Thus, Cyan cafe and lounge is becoming one of preferred places to pass time, and have some good food in a stunning environment. The Arabian cuisine attracts me the most. Whenever I was there, I never wasted the chance to have the kebabs or hookah. Sometimes I had experimented with the diverse flavors in hookah and the result was mind blowing.

Why do I prefer the place? Actually I do not have the very accurate answer in my mind at this moment now. Maybe I like passing my times in a Middle-Eastern mood. The inside of the Cyan cafe and lounge with the comfortable sofas give me calming feelings. When I puff the hookah after a long and boring day full of work load, I forgot everything. My head becomes empty from the daily dullness, and I feel something different inside me.

The cafe differs from the other counterparts in many aspects; I think the, the list of international cuisine is really incredible! They have selections of hookah flavor to offer for the hookah lovers like me. It is astonishing. They have a huge collection of liquor too. They can boast for that certainly.

Sitting in the couch, hookah in hand, and music in the air – these are perfect for making a day GREAT. The Arabian approach of Cyan cafe fascinates me all the time. We are blessed enough to have such a cafe with entirely different temperament. 

I am expecting something more from Cyan cafe and lounge. I hope in the near future, they will arrange the belly dance of Middle East; this type of cultural variation will make the clients happier. I will always welcome this kind of Middle Eastern functions in my area.  

Cyan cafe and lounge brings a new dimension in Richmond Hill. This is a positive change and people like me will have to be definitely appreciating that. People who still do not have any idea about this enriched culture may have a look. You will be a high-flier definitely. 


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