Saturday, September 27, 2014

Girls day out at Cyan Cafe and Lounge

It was Saturday night; we all the girls were chilling at the middle of the night. After a long time, we were successful in organizing a get together. We were frantically searching for a new place, and one of us suggested the name of Cyan cafe and lounge. It was a new name for most of us and we were enchanted by having to know something new. Our ecstasy knew know bounds when we heard that there was good arrangement of shisha.

All of us overwhelmed with joy by entering in the cafe. The place was almost loaded with customers. At first we were in doubt about getting a seat in that busy moment. But after waiting for a while, we got a good corner of the cafe for sitting. The whole cafe was seen from this corner and we were enjoying the surrounding. We ordered for kebabs with lots of salads and drinks. There were some big screens for the customers. The inside of the Cyan cafe and lounge is spacious and comfy. People were busy with their foods and drinks. They were conversing and enjoying the weekend.

Then our food arrived and we were extremely happy by the enormous size of the shish kebab. It was grand and nicely presented. We enjoyed the shish kebab for sure. One of my friends ordered for cream caramel and it was so good looking that all of us ordered for that. It was trapezoid shaped with layer of chocolate on the upper part; on the corners, there were strawberries with cream. The whole plate was so lucrative and mouthwatering. The taste of that was unforgettable.

We were having fun with ourselves to the fullest. We moved for the hookah afterwards. This part of our get together was full of laughter and noise. Some of our friends have not had hookah experience before. So it was the most exciting part, certainly. We were trying different kinds of flavor. We laughed a lot and smoked the hookah. The newbies among us seemed to be more thrilled than us. They smoked as like as they were frequent shisha smoker. We had lots of snap shots and selfies for sure. This was the best part of our get together.

Heartiest thanks to the Cyan cafe and lounge authority for the wonderful presentation of foodies and beautiful interior. The place is great for party like ours. There are lots of new foods to try. Before coming to the restaurant, I presumed that they have only the Arabian food to offer but later I found that they have some international cuisines as well. That’s a very good decision to have the multi flavored cuisines for different types of food lovers.

We were quite pleased with the service of the cafe. Their quality of the food, service of the staffs, inside music, friendly atmosphere – everything is perfect for gala party. We spent a quality time among our friend circles and the get together was full of thrill and fun. Hail to Cyan cafe and lounge for their hospitality. Cheers! 

Arabian Nights in Toronto

Most of us heard the name of the world famous book “Arabian Nights”. Some of us read the marvelous stories. After reading the stories, we got some kind of mental attachment towards Arabian culture. Their culture is colorful and interesting. I have great interest in this culture. But it is not possible for me to leave Canada forever and move to an Arabian country; so, when I found Cyan cafe and lounge, I could bet there were only a few people who would be happier than me. I love Arabian food and Cyan cafe is picture-perfect in this arena. They are offering vast range of Arabian foods, arranging Middle Eastern music, and the world famous shisha; what can be a better place than this one? I have never missed the chance to enjoy the Arabian flavor in Cyan cafe.

Most of the time the cafe remains crowded but the place is neat and clean. During the weekends there are huge gathering but the service is immaculate.  Thus, Cyan cafe and lounge is becoming one of preferred places to pass time, and have some good food in a stunning environment. The Arabian cuisine attracts me the most. Whenever I was there, I never wasted the chance to have the kebabs or hookah. Sometimes I had experimented with the diverse flavors in hookah and the result was mind blowing.

Why do I prefer the place? Actually I do not have the very accurate answer in my mind at this moment now. Maybe I like passing my times in a Middle-Eastern mood. The inside of the Cyan cafe and lounge with the comfortable sofas give me calming feelings. When I puff the hookah after a long and boring day full of work load, I forgot everything. My head becomes empty from the daily dullness, and I feel something different inside me.

The cafe differs from the other counterparts in many aspects; I think the, the list of international cuisine is really incredible! They have selections of hookah flavor to offer for the hookah lovers like me. It is astonishing. They have a huge collection of liquor too. They can boast for that certainly.

Sitting in the couch, hookah in hand, and music in the air – these are perfect for making a day GREAT. The Arabian approach of Cyan cafe fascinates me all the time. We are blessed enough to have such a cafe with entirely different temperament. 

I am expecting something more from Cyan cafe and lounge. I hope in the near future, they will arrange the belly dance of Middle East; this type of cultural variation will make the clients happier. I will always welcome this kind of Middle Eastern functions in my area.  

Cyan cafe and lounge brings a new dimension in Richmond Hill. This is a positive change and people like me will have to be definitely appreciating that. People who still do not have any idea about this enriched culture may have a look. You will be a high-flier definitely. 

Saturday Night with DJ Saif at Cyan Cafe and lounge

When I heard that DJ Saif was in Canada, I was dumbfounded. Due to the extreme work load, I could not attend his live performances. When Cyan cafe and lounge arranged a Friday night program with DJ Saif, I was extremely happy. At once I had reserved my seat. But like a bolt from the blue, I was struck in some awkward situations for which I was unable to attend that program. I had to gift away the ticket to one of my friends.

Later that week, I got the chance again to make up my previous week’s loss. Yes, DJ Saif was going to perform again and this time it was Saturday! I did not think twice, I had just picked the phone up, dialed and booked a seat. Fortunately, this time I had not missed the opportunity. I, accompanied with one of my friends, rushed to the spot half an hour ago. The cyan cafe and lounge was full with the lovely audiences. Everyone was eagerly waiting for the DJ.

The audiences inside the cafe welcomed the DJ with round of applauses and cheers. Then the DJ thanked everyone for being present at that day and started his musical fusion. He blended the Arabian music in such a wonderful way that the crowd was enjoying the night mesmerizingly.  He proved his brilliance by his excellent work.

The cafe was full and there was hardly any room left. Everywhere there was music lover to hear the magical sounds. The beats made the crowd crazy. With time, the crowd was becoming more vibrant and they were dancing on the floor. The amazing beats made me almost crazy as I am a beat loving person. The same thing happened to my friend too.

This was one of the best arrangements, I had ever enjoyed. The Cyan cafe and lounge was specious enough with good foods. Music lovers like me enjoyed the night for sure. The cafe took a great decision by choosing an exceptional performer like DJ Saif. His performance was up to the mark. DJ Saif proved his fame by his mind blowing beats.

The matter that drew my attention is the choice of performers by the Cyan cafe and lounge. On July 4th, they felt the pulse of the audience. They never hesitated to bring the masterpiece again on the next week. Both the time he touched the heart of the crowd.

Saturday is one of my favorite days in the week. I try my best to enjoy the day with full pleasure. If there is an arrangement of such kind of program, this is surely an extra layer of cream for me. I have an earnest request to the Cyan cafe and lounge authority to arrange such kind of gala nights and bring performer like DJ Saif. The musical fusion with drinks is enough for making the Saturday night blockbuster. I look forward to enjoying more programs like this one in Cyan cafe, in near future. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Heat of the World Cup Final at Cyan Cafe

No one can deny the heat of the world cup matches. Everyone enjoyed the football world cup 2014 to the fullest. I tried my best not to miss any of the matches from the knock out round. Especially I had enjoyed most of the matches with my friends. Before the semifinal matches I was too excited to watch the matches in my room. So I decided to have the excitement in a public place. I was searching for a place which offers not only the live coverage of the matches, but also has football loving crowd. Then I moved to the Cyan cafe and lounge to share my tension with other football fans.

Prior to the starting of the match, most of the seats were occupied. Fortunately, I found a corner with a great view of the screens. I just grabbed the seat and started counting the time. The place was perfect for such kind of match and I felt that I had not done any mistake by choosing Cyan cafe for watching the high voltage matches. In the meantime, I ordered some drinks, and had chit chat with other fans around me. It was a match between Argentina and Netherlands. The Cyan cafe and lounge seemed to be divided by the Orange color of the Dutch fans and the sky Blue of the Argentine fans. I belonged to the oranges and fortunately I was surrounded by the Dutch fans. Everybody was enjoying the moments and some fans began the countdown.

After a while, the high voltage match started and there was pin drop silence inside Cyan cafe & lounge. Sometimes the Argentine fans were screaming while their favorite player Messi was getting the ball. On the contrary when Robben was running towards the Argentine goal post, Dutch fans were jumping with joy. The ninety minutes match was full of suspense and excitement. Bone chilling tension was seen among the fans. The fans were ordering drinks one after another.

The atmosphere of the Cyan cafe and lounge changed after the match was tied. The whole cafe was watching the next thirty minutes of the match with nail biting tension. But the extra time seemed not to be fruitful. Then the referee blew the whistle for tiebreaker. All the fans of both team submerged in anxiety, and some were praying to the almighty for their team.  By breaking the heart of the Dutch fans, the Argentine fans were in cloud nine when their goal keeper Sergio Romero showed the best performance ever. I had nothing to do except watching the joyous crowd of Argentine football lovers. Then I got up from my seat and decided to leave.

Though my team did not win the match, the moments I passed inside the cafe was full of ecstasy. The environment of Cyan cafe and lounge is electrifying for watching live matches. I loved it and decided to enjoy the final match in this cafe. 

Shisha Experience in Cyan Cafe & Lounge

I am not a shisha lover. That’s why I am not a frequent visitor to shisha lounges. Day before yesterday, I, accompanied by one of my colleagues, visited Cyan cafe and lounge. I was reluctant to have any kind of food as I was not so hungry. To keep the request of my colleague I went with him. I was planning to have something light with drinks. But my colleague, a shisha fan, was there for the third time to have the shisha experience.  He stepped in most of the shisha lounges available in his area. According to him this cafe gives him different types of feeling. He bet with me to make me a shisha fan after trying in this cafe. Though I was not so eager to go there, I agreed to accompany him. 

As it was Saturday night, the cafe was full with customers. The sound of music was being heard inside the cafe, and people were busy with their foods. We took our sit on a sofa and my colleague chose his favorite flavor from the menu. I ordered a drink. Still I was adamant not to try shisha. Rather I was enjoying the surroundings of the cafe. I was not in this place before. My colleague met some of his previous acquaintances there. He was delighted when his shisha arrived in his hand. He started his blissful session with shisha while I was sipping my drink. He offered me to try the flavor. Just to make him happy, I decided to try the shisha here. Somehow I got strange feelings. Though I tried shisha earlier, I liked the flavor. Then my colleague requested me to try the mint flavor. I was totally pleased with the flavor. There were lots of people like us, enjoying their time having shisha.

I am contented with the shisha experience in Cyan cafe and lounge. I felt relaxed on the soft sofa.  My colleague was laughing to have seen a sudden my change in the mood. Really the shisha changed my mood. The overall atmosphere was so cool and chilling. I enjoyed every moment. Thanks to my colleague for introducing me with a new place with new flavors. The lounge offers some unique, different flavors which are not available everywhere.

I enjoyed the Saturday night with my heart at Cyan. The cafe gave me an Arabian style shisha feeling. For the time being, I forgot that I was in Richmond Hill. I felt like that I was enjoying my summer vacation in a Middle-Eastern country. Really the electric atmosphere of the lounge will be boosting you greatly. I love that feeling.

I was not upset as I lost the bet; rather I am so pleased with him for he introduced me with a great place. An amateur like me became a shisha fan afterwards! I loved the warm hospitality and timely service of the cafe. This is one of the greatest shisha experiences I have ever had. Voila! 

Cyan Cafe & Lounge: A New Dimension

For the last few years, I was totally frustrated with the restaurants in my area. Most of those restaurants got into business were stereotype. There is no dynamic change in the food list. Sometimes I was bored with these restaurants. Few days back, I with some of my college friends went to Cyan cafe for the first time. At first we were expecting nothing new. We just went there because it was a new place to hang out for us. But the cafe drew our attention interestingly.

Initially, we did not have any plan to have a lot of food. That’s why I ordered the burger with fries and drinks. It took a little time to prepare the burger, and we indulged in gossiping with each other. We were trying to find out the differences between Cyan cafe and other restaurants. We have to admit that they are successful in making some striking change with their counterparts. Especially the chairs and sofas are arranged in a stylish manner. Waiting for food is always boring; but they have some big screen TVs to watch and pass the idle time. That’s really a good idea. If you come to this place alone, you can enjoy the big screen without getting bored. Then our other ordered menu arrived. All of us became so pleased by the arrival of our burger. The mouthwatering look of the burgers made us hungrier. Cyan cafe and lounge showed their perfection in burger making. I loved the size of the burger. The bun, meat, cheese, and onions made the burger yummy. The size of the burger is perfect of any individual. The sliced bun is soft, tender, and the ingredients were perfect. The combined taste of lettuce, onion, tomato, and cheese with the meat is amazing. All of my friends were eating like they were hungry for the last few days!!! Really the burgers tasted so good. The fries with the burgers were added advantage. Fries were crispy enough to satisfy us. The toppings of the burger were fresh. That’s why the burger tested so well. Two of my friends ordered another two burgers after finishing the first one. But it was not possible for me to have another, as I was full with the first one. We were fully satisfied with the burgers of cyan cafe and lounge. At that moment we got a feeling that at least there were some changes in the taste. And we really appreciate that. Cyan cafe and lounge added a new dimension in food preparation. We enjoyed the drinks too. The list of drinks was praiseworthy. They offer a variety of drinks. The menu of the Cyan cafe and restaurant seems to be satisfying for the food lovers.

My experience is quite satisfactory with Cyan cafe and lounge. From my point of view, the cafe brings new dimension to our food industry. At least they’re bringing some changes. It is a new option for people like me.

Cyan cafe and lounge: Keep calm and carry on. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Middle Eastern Cuisine in Canada!!

Middle East is a great place for food. Kebab is the signature food of this area. People of that region prefer meat than any other food. The availability of Middle Eastern food in this part of the world is really a blessing for the Canadians. Cyan cafe and lounge brings the awesome flavor of meat in Toronto. What can be better than this for the meat lover of Canada?
Shish kebab is one of the most desired foods in the menu of this cafe. The customers are rushing towards this great place for having the taste of the awesome kebab. The aroma of the kebab will intensify the hunger for sure. The cafe brings the kebab with variety of salad. Customers love to have the meat with salad.
The size of the kebab is enormous. Food lovers become happy by having the big sized kebab. The shish kebab combined with French fries and a drink is enough to please the tummy of the kebab lover. To have the desired Arabian flavor in Canada is really a golden chance for the clients; because, It is not possible for everyone to fly to Middle East and have the kebab frequently.

Shisha is another great attraction of this place. It is true that there are lots of other shisha lounges. But the convenient arrangement for the shisha lovers draws a big line with other lounges. During the weekends, Cyan cafe and lounge becomes fully crowded with the shisha fans. Sitting in the sofa with shisha in hand and chatting with friends is a common scene in this cafe. This place offers a friendly mood for everyone. Most of the shisha lounges offer almost the same varieties of flavors. But Cyan cafe brings not only the traditional flavors but also some of the exotic flavors which are rare in any other places in Toronto. This is a good reason for the shisha lovers to visit the place.

People who would like to have the Arabian flavor without flying there, for them, Cyan cafe and lounge is a great option. This is a great place to hang out with friends both in weekdays and weekends. During Monday to Thursday the cafe remains open from 5.00 pm to 1.00 am. On Friday and Saturday they serve till 2.00 am, that’s a great convenience for the Saturday night lovers! On Sunday, the cafe remains open from 2.00 pm to 1.00 am. It appears that the timing of service of the cafe is fairly good enough for the food lovers.

Anyone, who loves to try Arabian cuisine and environment, can try the food of Cyan cafe. The cafe is totally different from other cafes and shisha lounges. The fascinating interior, congenial environment, quality food, and well trained servers will make a huge difference with other places in Richmond Hill. This cafe brings new style in the presentation of food. We are lucky enough to have a cafe and lounge like this one in our neighborhood. 

Cyan Cafe & Lounge: A Food Haven

As a food lover, I always keep searching for places which offer exotic foods. Whenever I get a new place with different menus, I never miss the chance to try their food. When I got the news of Cyan cafe from my colleague, I was eagerly waiting to taste the Middle Eastern flavor. Last Friday, I tried the food and it was fabulous.

The interior of the cafe is soothing and the atmosphere seems to be very cozy. The sitting places are beautifully arranged. One thing that draws my attention is the lighting of the cafe. The blue lighting and the inside of the cafe seems to be a perfect match.

Then I turn my eyes to the menu. After a long time I get a place in Toronto which offers a variety of Middle Eastern foods. The menu also includes different flavored shisha and drinks. I recommend trying the shish kebab of Cyan cafe, and I bet you are going to order another after having one. The meat is tender and the kebab is perfectly heated.

Cyan cafe is one of the most perfect places for shisha in Toronto. They have a great number of flavors in their list. I am thrilled by having such number of different types of flavors in Toronto. The atmosphere is perfect enough for boosting your feelings. The blue lighting, good sitting arrangement, and the good quality shisha – these are enough to make your day. You can relax on the comfortable sofa and enjoy the surroundings in a jolly mood.

Another thing that touches me is the service of the Cyan cafe and lounge. I don’t have to wait for a long time in this cafe. The staffs are caring and helpful enough to give you a familiar atmosphere. They do not take much time to serve the food. Besides, they are always ready to help the customer. If there is any kind of delay in preparing the food, they never hesitate to apologize for the delay. In Toronto, I have gone to lots of cafes and restaurants. Most of these restaurants cannot maintain the services up to the mark. At the beginning of business they perform well, but day by day their services become worse. In this case Cyan cafe seems to be different. The service I have got is quite satisfactory.

The presentation of food in Cyan cafe and lounge is promising. The food is presented in a mind blowing style. It is unique and eye soothing. You will get an inner urge from your tummy to taste the food as soon as possible. The unique presentation and the smell of the food will satisfy you for sure.

After a long interval, I got a place in Toronto which seems to be a perfect match for me. I came out of the cafe in a jovial mood. I wish the cafe will be able to uphold its quality service and mouthwatering food. I am hopeful to land inside the cafe again within a short period of time.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

What to Try at Cyan Cafe

If you are looking forward to visiting Cyan cafe today or tomorrow, this post might come handy. I take it that you have already heard of what is available at Cyan. It is an ideal lounge, so you could be and would be expecting many things at once. Sometimes it might seem difficult to decide what to get in the first place, especially, if you are a new comer to Cyan because of their endless menu. Though specialized in hookah smoking, regular foods and drinks are also to be found there. By chance if you browse through those categories, you will find option after option too. So you had better be ready before paying a visit. The customer service there is very good, and they will definitely help you with selection; nevertheless, it would take both of your time. So why don’t get ready before your expedition, and enjoy every moment of your staying!

First I would like to start with the Kebab. I am privileged to have tasted shish kebab at different places, but none has tasted like the one from Cyan. Cyan’s shish kebab is cooked following the exact Arabian recipe. They don’t try to do any fusion. I think it is good since you go to an Arabian place to have a taste of the native cuisine. Obviously, Cyan deserves the whole credit for that. What if you are looking for something usual? Try Cyan’s delicious hamburger made with fair care. Once you have tasted one, it would make you come back for another.

The fantastic thing about Cyan is that it offers something for everyone. What if you are not a meat lover? Luckily their menu is full of delish Arabian salads. I have already tried three of them. The ingredients used in those salads are nutritious and energetic; as well as that the moment they are served you would be hasty to taste them up.

These foods mightn’t feel wholly satisfactory unless a glass of wine has been taken with. The good news is, in their menu there available some of the finest bottles. No matter whether it is whiskey, wine, champagne, or just a cold beer you are willing to have, all are available in their cellar. 

Have something to eat and drink anything you like, and have the most pleasant hours of your day accompanied by your friends or fiancée. Every time I visit Cyan it seems magical. I can’t even notice when the hours have flown away. If this is not how a cafe should be, then what else it could be.     

Guest review: Cyan Cafe & Lounge

It was my earnest pleasure to be at Cyan for at least once. I am no smoker to be boasting about my shisha expertise, nonetheless, I always have got a thing for trying new things in the town. My work makes me visit different countries around the globe. Though often tiresome, it is an opportunity too to get to know new places, cultures, and foodies. Having been to the Middle East, especially to the UAE and Qatar, I have been able to get myself accustomed to several Arabian traditions, which are quite interesting. The first one in my list would definitely be Arabian foods, to be more precise, kebab and yummy salads with lucrative dressing. I became kind of fond of those. Back home in Richmond Hill I was looking for a place where I may hangout when I get leisure time. That would be great to enjoy delicious foods, and gossiping with friends at the same time.

In Toronto there may be lots of shisha cafe or lounge, but I had been missing the electric atmosphere which I experienced at native Arabian shisha cafes. I was looking for a place that might accommodate some other facilities like liquor, TV, music system, light snacks, kebab and salad as mentioned before. No doubt, finding all of those amenities under one roof could be tiring. At sometime I started believing that it is not possible to get everything altogether. So I may have to be content with the available options. Thanks Gee, one of my friends informed me of Cyan cafe & lounge. He was well aware of what I was looking for and gave me the ‘to go’ signal. However, I was still skeptic even though my friend knew about my choices. I decided to give it a try anyways.

My first step at Cyan can never be forgotten. It made me feel as I was in the same environment as I was in Arabian shisha cafe in Arab! Great, isn’t it? Before getting myself seated I had had a chat with the owner who himself of Arabian decent, and an amicable person. The crowd was full at Cyan when I was visiting since it was the day of a play-off. The room was buzzing with noise and smoke. The best way to get adjusted in such a situation is to behave like one in the hive! So surprising my company, I ordered a shisha (Orange flavored). That would be wrong to tell that it was cheap comparing to other shisha places in Richmond Hill. At any rate, it worth what it cost. At my request I was given a mild but exotic mix. I enjoyed it until the end. Besides Orange they have got all the traditional and exceptional flavors. You can also do some experiments with their flavors if you would like to; which I intend to do the next time I go there.

Besides their shisha, I tested a small hamburger as well, which was good. Afterwards a plate of Arabian salad was ordered and we tasted that. The salad was so delicious that I was thinking I should have ordered a plate for my own. Anyhow, I had drunk two glasses of finely processed wine that made my day. Oh! Although I have not got to try their Shish kebab yet, my friends who had it, made me promise not to give it a miss! Next time I will be going for it, no doubt about that.